Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Game Review

Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been out for a very long while now and is quite high in the top best selling games list. In Euro truck simulator, players take on the role of a driver working to ship various things for various companies across Europe. The game came out around 7 years ago.

Despite this, the gameplay is still quite good. It might seem a bit boring to simply drive around a vast continent with hundreds of destinations and expansions into different areas in Europe such as France and Scandinavia. In terms of gameplay, there isn’t too much to talk about… you drive a truck. However, you do have to follow some rules (it is a simulator). You have to follow road safety rules (or risk being fined and losing revenue) and you have to avoid damaging the truck or its cargo, as any damages to your own vehicle will come out of your paycheck.

One of my favorite additions to the game is sleep, fuel, and set “deliver by” times. This adds some weight to your actions, your dead tired, but if you stop, you may not make it in time and lose revenue, should you continue on? The way the sleep mechanic works is intrusive in a good way, it takes complete control from the player for a short amount of time and it might veer the truck in a different direction. Fuel works as expected, when you run out, your car stops. If this happens, (or your truck tips or is too damaged or something) you can get a tow… which will cost money. In this sense money is the main motivation in the game, especially in building your trucking empire. However, I think Euro Truck simulator is more therapeutic, allowing players to become sucked into the driving and removed from the outside world. I also like how you can use your own music through the radio (it really adds to the immersion).

 There are a variety of companies to drive for, all with varying distances and locations. Most of these companies are not real, however, there is an excess of mods that allow you to add other real truck companies in addition to the ones already in the game, and real companies (fuel and companies that need shipping). The game has a pretty well-developed steam workshop, however, there are only so many things you can make for the game other than companies and trucks.

The visuals are nothing to get too excited about. By today’s standards, it’s not amazing, but it is good enough. My main gripe is that there is a huge difference between the environment and the vehicles (specifically the trucks), though this is understandable, it can be very jarring. However, this is a game from 7 years ago, so it is understandable. Furthermore, many people have made mods to increase the graphical fidelity of the game. I personally, do not like the GPS system at all, it works, and I’ll deal with it. I have downloaded a mod from the steam workshop which does make it better though.

For the most part, I think the game has decent default controls, but it does take some getting used to. However, you can change each and every control in the game to suit your liking (however, sometimes it may get irritating when you rebind a key a different control because there are so many controls). I’ve played with a keyboard, controller, and even a wheel. I personally enjoyed the controller the most, however, the wheel’s controls are a bit better (and it would be more fun if I used an H-shifter).

Overall Euro Truck Simulator is a great game is made very well. I can personally see why it has such good ratings and I can see the appeal. It’s a great game if you just want to lay back, relax and not be stressed out. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes driving and management to an extent. At its listed price of $20, I do think the game is worth it, however, I do think France should have been included in the base game and not an $18 DLC. At its price of $20 (not including France DLC or any of the others), I would give Euro Truck Simulator 2 an 7.5/10, only because of some of its missing features (in the DLC), however, if you can get this and some of the other DLC of under $30, I would give the game an 8/10.

Final Score: 8/10

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