‘Toy Story 4’ Saves a Disappointing Summer for Blockbusters

Toy Story 4 is the latest addition in the popular Pixar franchise. The movie is directed by Josh Cooley and stars Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Keanu Reaves and many others. I had very mixed feelings going into this movie. The franchise had not let me down yet but the third one ended perfectly and most blockbusters this summer have been disappointing. Thankfully Toy Story 4 was everything I wanted it to be.

This movie has even more focus on Woody than the other ones. Unfortunately that meant we didn’t really get to spend time with other characters like Rex, Hamm, Slinky, Mr and Mrs Potato Head and Bullseye. But I was honestly fine with it as the focus on Woody’s internal conflict was the most compelling aspect of the movie. Woody starts off in a place similar to when Buzz arrives in the first movie but the direction they went was different and the way they ended his arc in this one was beautiful.

A major part of his arc is the Bo Peep character. It was great seeing her come back and she actually felt like a character this time instead of being extremely one note. Her and Woody had great chemistry and the voice acting from Tom Hanks and Annie Potts was great.

Buzz and Jessie don’t get a lot to do. But there is a running gag with Buzz that got me every time and Jessie got one or two great moments throughout the film.

Most of the new additions added a lot to the movie. Forky was a character that easily could’ve been annoying comic relief but he was one of the highlights of Toy Story 4. Along with Duke Caboom, Forky was a major reason for this movie being the funniest in the franchise so far. Gabby was an extremely sympathetic villain and was nearly on the level of Lots-O for me. Key and Peele were mostly funny but there were moments where their jokes didn’t really land with me.

The movie had this adventure film feel to it and there were several great set pieces in the movie. To my surprise, some of them were a little creepy and I did not expect that from a G rated movie. Like every other Pixar movie, the animation was gorgeous and Randy Newman’s score elevated the quality of these scenes.

But his score worked best during the emotional moments. Similarly to Toy Story 3, the ending of this film is extremely powerful and had me tearing up. There were several moments like these scattered throughout the film. Although the opening wasn’t as good as Up, it was the perfect way to kick things off and bring the audience back into this world.

Overall, Toy Story 4 was an emotional rollercoaster packed with huge laughs and powerful moments. If you were like me and had some reservations going into it, don’t worry! The movie absolutely lives up to the others and may even be better than some of them,


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