‘Triple Frontier’ Is A Disappointing Netflix Movie

Triple Frontier, is the new film from JC Chandor and has an outstanding cast with Oscar Isaac, Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal and more. The movie dropped on Netflix today and has been in select theaters in the US for a week. Despite having some great moments, the film ultimately fell flat in my opinion.

Weak characters was one of the biggest problems with the film. Apart from Ben Affleck’s character, they were all one note and the movie gave me no reason to care about them. Even the Affleck character barely had two characteristics and was very hard to genuinely care for.

Due to the weak characters, I never truly felt connected to some of the more intense sequences. I’ve seen several other reviews call Triple Frontier intense and gripping. Frankly, I didn’t find that to be the case. Sure the set pieces are well directed but the script gave me no reason to care at all.

Throughout the entire film, I kept thinking that the screenplay for Triple Frontier completely wasted the obvious talent JC Chandor has. He did a pretty great job with the action sequences and the first one stood out the most to me. Most of the camerawork was impressive to me and some of the shot composition was unique. I haven’t seen his other films but I can’t wait to get around to them after this one. With a better script he has tons of potential.

For the most part, the cast did a fairly good job. There were a couple of moments where the acting was hilariously bad. Apart from those moments I thought everyone did a good job. Yet again, the characters are what let the cast down. With more complexity, actors like Isaac and Affleck could have put in career best work with this type of story.

Although I clearly have my fair share of problems with what Chandor and Boal did with the script, I appreciated how they took a different approach to a common story. We’ve seen multiple heist films over the year but none that I’ve seen really explore the complexity of transporting the heist and I found that aspect of the film quite fascinating. The second act also threw in a couple of surprises that showed that they were taking risks and I appreciated that.

But the fact that the first half was a lot more bland led to severe pacing issues. If the film opened by introducing us to more complex and interesting characters, the intensity of the climax would be a lot better and the emotional moments in the final act would’ve been more powerful.

I felt like the soundtrack for this movie was actually pretty great. They threw in some extremely famous songs that I love so it was awesome to see them in the movie. However, I do feel like the music did feel out of place at some points.

Overall, Triple Frontier has a good cast and director that feel wasted by a script that lacks nuance. JC Chandor clearly has talent and I would like to see what this guy can do with a great script. Despite having multiple problems, I enjoyed the soundtrack and action and I appreciated that the story took some risks.


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