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A Show Worth Sinning For – Lucifer Season 1 Review


Lucifer, an appropriately named Netflix TV-show where Lucifer Morningstar leaves Hell to restart his life in Los Angeles. He becomes the wealthy owner of a high-end nightclub; Lux, and has a demon sister, Mazikeen to keep him company. 

His absence from hell creates quite a lot of chaos unfortunately, causing his angelic brother; Amenadiel to come to LA as well, to do everything in his power to try and bring him back. 

Nobody believes the fact that he is the real Lucifer, despite him continuing to openly state that he is, which leads to some pretty hilarious moments. 

The complex relationships Lucifer winds up in as well as his attempts to balance the celestial world and real world on each of his shoulders leads to some hysterical moments, especially noticeable during his interactions with his therapist.

This was a thrilling season to what I hope will continue to be an excellent tv show.


Each character has the right amount of their own pizzazz, making it impossible to confuse one personality with another, however not so much so that they feel out of place. 

Lucifer’s actor; Tom Ellis did such a good job capturing every aspect of Lucifer. He radiates charisma and is always looking out for the most inappropriate times to share his childish jokes. He does a fantastic job conveying his emotions and current state of mind, not just from the words he says, or the tone he says them in, but also through his facial expressions. Subtle facial contortions contribute so much to the immersion and can really sell a character’s current emotional state

Lauren German, the woman who played Chloe Decker was also able to nail her character perfectly. She’s portrayed as this always serious, dedicating her life to work sort of person. Yet she has a heart for Lucifer, and oftentimes is asking him to join her on various cases. 

Then you also have other honorable mentions such as Mazikeen, Amenadiel, Dan (AKA Detective Douche) and Dr. Linda. All of these characters played to perfection, each with their own distinctive personality and qualities. 

Overall, each member of the cast had an integral role to play, and each actor did an excellent job in maintaining their character throughout the season. All at the same time, partaking in sudden and unexpected actions helps generate suspense, ultimately keeping the season fresh with drama.


No show shall go unpunished, and this one is no exception. There are a few elements in this show that contributes to its downfall.

Firstly, there are a lot of cliches, especially in the first half of the season. It got to the point where in certain scenes, I could predict what a character might do next, or what he/she might say. While this does take away from the experience, the other aspects of this show make up for it.

Next of all, there are a few logistical elements that don’t quite add up. One scene in particular that I distinctly remember was that Trixie; Chloe’s 7 year old daughter, booked and rode an uber from their house to Lucifer’s nightclub all on her own. There are a few of such examples sprinkled throughout the first season, however this is the same show where the Devil owns a nightclub in LA and also has a day job as a Civilian Consultant at the LAPD, so I suppose you can’t really complain.

This brings me to my next, and probably most significant point. Ever since Lucifer got the role of Civilian Consultant, the entire show’s identity had shifted into this detective show, where Lucifer and Detective Decker embark on various adventures solving seemingly inexplicable crimes. I saw how immediately similar this felt to The Blacklist, and was somewhat disappointed after realising this.


Nonetheless, to conclude, Lucifer is a wonderous show full of entertaining and hilarious moments. Lucifer’s character especially contributes to the delightful viewing experience as his egoistic attitude never fails to amuse me. 

One final thing I must add, is the occasional serious moments where Lucifer’s face morphs into his ‘real’, devil face are truly invigorating. I always feel a rush of excitement flow through me as I have no idea what could happen next, what devilish things he could do in a matter of seconds while in that state, and I truly enjoy every second of it.


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