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All 13 Marvel Netflix Seasons Ranked

With the release of Jessica Jones season 3, the Marvel Netflix universe has come to a conclusion. Today, I’m going to rank all 13 seasons that came out of the partnership.

13. Iron Fist Season 1

There’s a lot wrong with this season. The protagonist is extremely bland, the story isn’t compelling and most of the action was poorly choreographed and shot. It was hard to really care about what was happening and I found myself bored for the most part. The only genuinely good part about this season was Colleen.

12. Iron Fist Season 2

Yeah I’m really not a fan of the Iron Fist series. While this was a huge improvement over the poor first season, I still didn’t really care for the Danny Rand character. None of the storylines really hooked me and it felt like a chore to watch it. One thing that I really appreciate about this season is that it fixed a problem with every single one of these shows which is the number of episodes. Most of them don’t need to be 13 episodes long and the 10 episode length really helped.

11. Jessica Jones Season 3

This was an extremely disappointing end to the universe. This suffers the most from the 13 episode length and the first 8 episodes are terribly paced. There was a point where I didn’t even know if I would finish the season. Krysten Ritter is fantastic in the lead role and the villain was pretty good. I also love most of the supporting cast. However the plot was a complete mess and it didn’t really have a proper conclusion.

10. Luke Cage Season 2

I know some people love this season and some things work really well. It’s extremely well aced and Alfre Woodard stars. But this season had too many corny moments in my opinion and I don’t believe this season really ever lived up to the first six episodes of season 1.

9. Jessica Jones Season 2

This show yet again suffered from the Marvel Netflix problem of 13 episodes. I like this season a lot more than the first one. The mom storyline was compelling and although it can get occasionally slow, I was mostly entertained. But I don’t really think the showrunners ever found a way to have a villain as compelling as Kilgrave and they definitely missed his presence.

8. Defenders

A lot of people think this is bad and I honestly don’t get it. The pilot is a little frustrating but I loved the character interactions, it ended the HAND arc properly and the action was entertaining. I get that it’s not as good as it could have been but it’s still a solid season in the Marvel Netflix Universe.

7. The Punisher Season 2

Some arcs don’t work that well but I found the second half of the season to be very entertaining for the most part. The reason the first half doesn’t work as well is because of the Amy character and just when she started to work they took the focus off her completely. Moreover, the action in this season was fantastic and extremely well thought out and put together. Jon Bernthal is the perfect Frank Castle.

6. Luke Cage Season 1

The first half of this season is some of the best content Marvel put out. The atmosphere is fantastic, the social commentary works, the acting is fantastic and Mahershala Ali’s Cottonmouth is one of the best villains. Unfortunately, his death completely killed the momentum of the show. It started to drag, the new villain wasn’t half as good of a character and the final battle is so ridiculous that it gets funny at a point.

5. Daredevil Season 2

Similar to Luke Cage season 1, this entry in the Marvel Netflix Universe starts off really strong before starting to falter. The Daredevil and Punisher conflict was perfectly executed and was as good as season 1. But when the HAND storyline comes into play it just doesn’t work as well as the other storylines and was definitely one of the biggest weaknesses.

4. The Punisher Season 1

This season beautifully captured the life of veterans perfectly. It portrayed their struggle to adjust to life back at home in an extremely effective manner and all the characters were 3 dimensional and compelling. The relationship between Frank and Micro hooked me and I wish Micro had a role in season 2. As I said earlier, Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle is perfect casting and if they do use the character again in the MCU, I hope he returns.

3. Jessica Jones Season 1

A near perfect season of television. Krysten Ritter is fantastic as the titular character but the real highlight to me is David Tenant as Kilgrave. He completely disappeared into the role and his character was terrifying. The show dealt with serious themes in an effective manner.

2. Daredevil Season 1

This was the one who started it all. Charlie Cox is perfect. And Vincent D’Onofrio may be even better. The action is fantastic and I adored the one take sequence. Matt Murdock is still the most fascinating character in this universe and it’s a shame we may not see him again for a while.

1. Daredevil Season 3

This was easily my favourite season. I don’t really have any problems with it, not even nitpicks. The characters were fantastic whether they were already established or were introduced in this season. The 11 minute action take was perfect and the fact that it can’t be nominated for an Emmy is ridiculous to me. Full review here.

Overall, the Marvel Netflix Universe has been hit or miss but I’ll miss these set of characters and I hope that one day we’ll be able to see the actors reprise the roles.

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