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The Long-Awaited Return – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch Game Review

Now I think this one will be kept short because there really isn’t much to say about this game apart from GODDAMN IS IT AMAZING. Now, of course, you would have heard or read countless other reviews of this game on the internet but I’m going to provide my own perspective here. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the first game I’ve ever bought from the Animal Crossing series, and not just that – it is the first game that I spent my own hard-earned money on and bankrupted my bank account. I think solely because my mother told me “If you want this game, earn the money yourself” I may be a bit harsher on this than others.

This game is not fantastic in the way that Doom Eternal is fantastic, nor in the way that Rainbow Six Siege is fantastic, or in the way that an RPG like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is fantastic. Animal Crossing: New Horizons quite literally brings a new horizon onto my view of fantastic video games.

I was rather skeptical about this purchase at first. Unsure about whether I would like the game or not, but the many statements from people along the lines of “I never thought this kind of game would be enjoyable for me, but tell that to the 280 hours I now have on it in the span of 2 weeks” (for people not wanting to do maths – 2 weeks is 336 hours meaning that 200 hours is roughly 20 hours a day and 83.3% of 336 hours – and yes this is an exaggeration). So I decided to buy it.

The game is fun, yes. Different? Yes. Has loads of things to do? Yes. Lots of lovable characters? Yes. But apart from the almost impeccable game design and development which it would take me forever to touch upon every aspect of, I would like to touch upon the one thing I disliked about the game.

Every game I have played has had this sort of oomph behind it. You could call it stakes and the weight of the narrative. If you’ve read my previous articles (please do if you have not!) you would know that I care very much about the story of a game. My issue with Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that although it has a wonderful, serene, calm narrative – there never seems to be any stakes. And yes, I understand that might be the purpose of the game and it brings us some calm in these troublesome times. The only real stakes I got from this game was to become an expert trader on the Nook stock market with various goods (and the Turnip boom of 2020).

I’m not sure why, but even though this game was designed not to have these stakes it feels like a big part of the game is missing in terms of its story because of that. It might just be me but that leaves an unsettling empty feeling in my stomach when I’m enjoying the game and realising that there is no real purpose to what we’re doing in the game. In other games its working towards a cause and there are stakes and a concrete objective involved. It’s uneasy for me, and because of that it impacted my enjoyment of the game to a certain degree.

With all of that being said. The characters: Beautifully designed and diverse. The world: Looks stunning and feels majestic. The game mechanics: smooth and flawless. All in all a banger of a game. I recommend picking this up whether you are an Animal Crossing fan or not. If you are and you don’t own a Switch – it is extremely worth it to pick up a Switch (perhaps even the awesome Animal Crossing themed one) especially for this game. I remember picking up a Switch only because of Nintendo’s announcement that the Pokemon, Fire Emblem, and Super Smash Bros titles would only be released on the Switch – and not playing those was just not an option for me.

Final Score: An Absolute Positive Out-of-this-World Banger! (9.4/10)

Let me know about your Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience! Are you enjoying the game? Are you considering picking it up? What did you think of my article? Feedback and Constructive Criticism is always welcome as long as its not spam adverts in the comments again. Thank you for reading and have an nice day!

Aviraj Newatia

Reviewer of Sorts

We’re back.

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