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Bad North – Game Review

Bad North is a real-time strategy game published by Raw Fury and developed by Plausible Concept where the player must defend an island from Viking invaders. The player has to defend againstmultiple waves, with the final wave being of a slightly higher difficulty. The player is given control of the camera which can be used to rotate the map from a single camera angle

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Bad North’s gameplay is very fun and interactive for the most part. The player is able to move units to different “tiles”, however, units do attack beyond their tile in combat. The game is pretty easy initially, but it takes a sharp turn about 35% true the campaign (not story). The game starts getting very difficult beyond this point. It also starts getting overwhelming because of the sheer number of enemy units. As the difficulty of enemy units starts to increase, you start to encounter enemies you don’t even know how to deal with. The repetitiveness of the game does make the initial stages at first. However, this is offset by the fun and challenge of the later stages. My last gripe is that it is very difficult to progress after experiencing a devastating loss.

The game runs great, I experienced no lag what-so-ever. The controls are also quite good, the only thing I dislike is the ability tool which would greatly benefit from the ability to map them to hot-keys. Other than this nitpick, the game runs flawlessly.

The game’s art is really good, I like the color pallet and the whole feel of the game. The UI is clean and simple, except for the ability toolbar. The toolbar isn’t bad by any means, it just sometimes doesn’t work. The rotation feature for the camera is great, it is really smooth, and I didn’t experience any errors. The art style and rendering of the characters/units are pretty good, even if they art detailed. The environments look great.

In conclusion, Bad north is a fun game, that is well made, well optimized and has a fun art style with quality art. Furthermore, the game is fun to play and can be very intense. However, I do have concerns about the replay-ability of the game. I feel it might and probably get very repetitive after a few dozen complete runs. Moreover, the progression system in the game can sometimes be irritating and uninformative (the game would greatly benefit from a more in-depth video tutorial). At a price of $15 this game is a pretty good deal, at anything less than overwhelming with it’s a steal.

Final Score: 7.5/10

Bad North is on sale until November 23rd for 10% off, definitely worth it.

Plays way too many games and should probably sleep more.

Aditya Rao

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