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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Revisited

It has been 2.5 years since Battlefront 2 released, and surrounding all of the controversies of the micro-transactions (stupid EA) I felt like a really good game was lost. For those who know me, Star Wars has been the biggest fandom and pop culture phenomenon in my life and nothing will ever take that spot. It has quite literally defined my life, my interests, my passions, and will do in the future as well. That’s why whenever a Star Wars game comes out, I will buy it – no doubt about that.

This game lost me a couple of months in due to the dwindling player base and the reduction in the number of games available. However, recently I was able to connect to a few games here and there in random servers in Germany and Europe. and I got back into the game. That’s when I decided that it might be a good idea to look back on the game, and how its changed since its fateful release day.


The core combat feels the same, punchy and Star Wars-y. Running around as a clone trooper or blasting the Resistance as a First Order Stormtrooper still felt great. My only gripe that remained was that there was no real gripe and desire to stay alive. One could succeed by suicide running in. There was no weight to dying, unless it was as a hero who you had saved up points for. The hero gameplay has drastically improved, the additions such as my personal favourite Obi-Wan Kenobi, and General Grievous made for some interesting gameplay tweaks. Overall quite fun. This applied for all of the heroes.

One major issue I have had with Battlefront 2 and will continue to have with this game is the number of weapons avaliable for each class. They are severely limited and it makes gameplay feel monotonous and less personalised. In a way this is close to the reality of the Star Wars universe if you’re playing as a Clone or a Stormtrooper where they were really just treated like numbers instead of people, but in terms of gameplay it really takes away from the experience and I really dislike the limited options available.

Apart from that the squad gameplay was great and the overall combat experience was awesome, the immersion and options to play as special units and vehicles really amplified the Star Wars experience.


This is bloody brilliant. I absolutely LOVE the character customisation options when it comes to the visual look. The plethora of options available (such as the different Clone Trooper battalions/divisions and their different ranks) were stunning and they looked fabulous. I could easily equip a skin and my Trooper would be part of Commander Cody’s 212th attack battalion or change and I would have recon units at my disposal.

The level of options DICE brought to this game in terms of skins for all the base units, specialised units, and heroes are absolutely amazing. For now, I could forget about the combat gameplay and solely play the game for the joy of running around as an Arc Trooper or jumping and gliding through the air as Obi-Wan with his Jedi Robes flowing, or with his General Kenobi armour.

Final Verdict

There isn’t really much more to say about this game because apart from the above and the absence of everything that made the game so controversial, Battlefront 2 is still the epic large-scale Star Wars game which I love, even if the actual gameplay remains mediocre.

For any Star Wars fans out there who don’t have the game, I would recommend picking it up if only for the experience and satisfaction of the skins and the ability to play as your favourite characters from across the galaxy.

For others, Battlefront 2 is not something I would recommend without friends to play with. However, if you manage to catch this game on a sale, then its definitely worth trying out.

Final Revisited Score: Immersive, Fun, but Lacking (7.2/10)

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