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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon – News

Operation Burnt Horizon is the newest season in Rainbow Six Siege. It’s the first season for year 4 of Rainbow Six and features the Australian Operators; Gridlock, and Mozzie. Gridlock can be described as an attacking operator with a Defender’s gadget while Mozzie is an attacking operator with a defenders gadget. Needless to say, their gadgets are quite interesting. Both operators will be released on the Rainbow Six test server later today. On top of this in Burt Horizon, there’s a new map: Roadhouse.

Gridlock (Attacker):

Gridlock is the Attacker for year 4 season 1 and has an interesting gadget. Her Trax Stingers (essentially spike traps) are deployed via a pseudo grenade launcher looking device and upon hitting the ground, cancerously reproduce to populate a small area. These can make common rotations hard to cross without making noise to destroy the traps. The traps do 10 damage every 2 seconds you’re walking on it (from what I observed) and make your character make an audible wail. This makes a roamer have to think about what course of action to take. They do not get destroyed when they are stepped on. She will likely cost around 25,000 Renown to unlock if you don’t have the season pass (season pass holders also get her a week early).

To counter Gridlock’s traps is quite simple, “Shoot it”, melee it or blow it up. Even though this may seem simple, all of these options make noise, potentially alerting defenders of the attackers’ position.

She is the first 3 armor attacker to be added to the game (all others were there from launch) and carries and interesting loadout. She has the F90 Sub Machine Gun and the M249 SAW Light Machine Gun along with the Super shorty shotgun or the SDP 9mm Pistol for her secondary (I doubt the pistol will see much use).

Mozzie (Defender):

Mozzie is the new defending operator being introduced into Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Burnt Horizon. Mozzie’s “Nests” are drones which can hack the attacking team’s drones, in turn allowing Mozzie to control them completely (including allowing him to use Twitch’s shock drones’ tasers) and denying the attackers access to the drone feed. To deploy his gadget, Mozzie can either shoot a drone directly or set a trap. He will likely cost around 25,000 Renown to unlock if you don’t have the season pass (season pass holders also get him a week early).

For counters to Mozzie’s gadget, there’s Thatcher’s (EMP), IQ’s (Electronic’s detector) and Dokkaebi whose interaction with Mozzie is rather interesting. When Dokkaebi hacks the cameras of the defending team, she gains access to the drone feed that Mozzie sees, however, she doesn’t gain control of the drone itself. In order to identify drones, attackers need to look out for the blue light, instead of the standard red. Attackers can avoid Mozzie’s nests by identifying an indicator that shows up on screen.

Mozzie’s loadout is quite diverse, he has a choice between the P10 Roni Sub Machine Gun or the Commando 9 Assault Rifle allowing him to dish out substantial damage to attackers. For his secondary, he gets a choice between the Super Shorty Shotty and the SDP 9mm pistol (which in my guess will be all but useless with the option of a secondary shotgun). Also, to top it off, his reload animation makes him the most overpowered operator in the game.

Map: Roadhouse

The New map introduced the new season is called “Roadhouse”. Roadhouse consists of 3 separate buildings all connected through hallways. Each building has it’s own color palette so to speak to help you get your bearings, the accents are as follows: Green, Yellow, Red. 90% of the floor on Roadhouse is destructible, and many of the walls are as well, however, there is 1 bombsite which has a non-destructible in between objectives. This map is free for all players to play on from its realease.

Operation Burnt Horizon will be available to play on the test servers later today.

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