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Clarkson & Gang Return – The Grand Tour Season 1 Review


Ever since Jeremy Clarkson got sacked from Top Gear, the shows’ views immediately began to decline. Soon after James May and Richard Hammond decided to tag along as they didn’t like the idea of presenting by themselves. The 3 musketeers had been replaced but fans weren’t happy, they became rowdy, starting multiple petitions to bring them back to the show.

Then, out of every person on the planet, Jeff Bezos swoops in to save the day, resurrecting the series this time under a different name, “The Grand Tour”


Episode 1 kicks off with some gorgeous cinematics, showcasing the trio in their own Ford Mustang Rocket cruising down the highways of LA. Later on the actual car reviews begin. With them showing off the Ferrari LaFerrari, Porsche 918 Weissach edition and the McLaren P1. 


Here’s a list of some interesting cars they get their hands on throughout the series:

  • BMW M4
  • Nissan 200SX rally car
  • Bentley Bentayga (If that’s what you’re into)
  • Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS
  • Honda NSX
  • Half a Land Rover Discovery (no spoilers)
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Aston Martin DB11
  • Rolls Royce Dawn
  • Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
  • Aston Martin Vulcan
  • Ferrari 488
  • Bugatti Veyron (aka the daddy)

And many more!

Episode Breakdown:

Each episode in season 1 is split into segments.

They start off with the 3 of them showcasing some cars. Taking them round a very gorgeous, scenic routes. During the process they perform a variety of activities to prove that theirs is the better car. From things like drag races to street races to outright roast sessions.

The interesting concoction of tone and formality make the show appealing to all types of people, car fanatics or not. I thoroughly enjoy this section being a car fan myself. 

The poetic scripts that describe each car convey nicely the magnificently unique nature of each machine. Such descriptions on multiple occasions, gave me goosebumps. 

On top of that, these narrations are complemented by extremely professional cinematics. The camerawork is top-tier. The car showcase especially provides an immersive view of the car, showing off its beautiful bodywork from multiple angles.

This showcase then smoothly transitions into a fun little segment they call ‘Conversation Street’, where they talk about current car related affairs. It is a fun little segment as a lot of the time they end up mocking/making fun of whatever they are talking about.

Then comes Celebrity Brain Crash. This is where The Grand Tour invites, or at least attempts to invite a celebrity to the show where they talk about the car-loving side of themselves. Similar to the section in Top Gear.

Unfortunately, everytime the celebrities die in some wacky, convoluted before they can make it to the tent. It’s a very entertaining, small comedy break in between all of the car talk and I personally think it is a great idea. Watching celebrities die for fun.

Finally, in the last 10 or so minutes Jeremy Clarkson shares one of his ingenious ideas. He shows everyone his latest creation that he claims will solve a big problem in the UK.

This segment once again is a bit of a joke. Obviously Clarkson’s ‘ingenious’ inventions are unrealistic, stupid and sometimes infringe human rights.

Jeremy Clarkson’s brilliant idea on how to smuggle people into the UK. Hats off Jeremy, you’ve truly outdone yourself here.

Other great things I would like to point out about this show are; firstly, the excessive amount of explosions throughout season 1. You can’t really go wrong with explosions.

Secondly their specials are absolutely amazing. Each special is expertly made; bursting with great cinematography, tasteful music and of course plenty of laughs. Namibia in particular was an exceptional show and a great time, for us viewers at least.

SPOILER: For an extra added bonus, you get to see Richard Hammond crash a Rimac Concept One and nearly die. Good times.

Final Verdict:

All in all, I’m well pleased with season 1 of the show. Its informative yet entertaining format makes it an easy recommendation from me.

You don’t have to be a car enthusiast to like this show. The generous sprinkles of humour throughout the show are a great touch, making it substantially more appealing to the general audience.

I’ve also finished season 2 and season 3 of The Grand Tour so expect reviews from them soon.

Score: 9.4/10

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