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Daredevil Season 1 – TV Revisit Review

Daredevil is a Netflix original series and was the first Marvel Netflix Series to come out. Daredevil focus on Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer who’s gotten sick of the inefficiency of the system and has decided to take things into his own hands. Daredevil season 1 is my favorite series out of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders and the Punisher. This is because of a variety of reasons.

The Characters:

Matt Murdock, otherwise known as Daredevil, is developed amazingly, you actually feel like he’s a real person instead of a character on a screen. The writers don’t overplay his blindness with a constant use of the glasses, instead making it seem real in the way he acts and does things. Charlie Cox is able to fit into the role of this character so well and makes him so believable. In his character arc you go through the ups and downs of his character, his flaws, and damn, he has a lot of flaws. But you also go through the rare, but present high notes, making him an enjoyable character.

King Pin: PHENOMENAL CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, probably the most well-developed character in the show. He’s not some stale generic big bad evil guy either; instead, the writers were able to make him relatable. This coupled with Vincent D’Onofrio excellent portrayal make this character unforgettable.

Foggy throughout the show is very well developed, in every scene you can feel the character’s emotions. His arc isn’t the most important, but it’s one of the most touching.

Karen is a very well-developed character and her arc is one of the most important in the show. Despite this, I feel like her arc while good, is still has a long way to go before I can consider it amazing.

Vanessa is decently developed and adopts a lady Macbeth/Motherly role with Wilson “The King Pin” Fisk. Despite this, I feel like she is one of the few characters that requires more development in the show.

Side Characters:

Brett: not too well developed, but he’s likable. However, this may because of his role he plays in the show. Mrs. Carnitas is a lovable character, and very well developed for a side character. That Girl Foggy dated, She’s there…. Yeah, that’s about it. Claire: Claire is a likable character, however, it’s painfully obvious that they were saving her character for another show. Ben is a lovable, tough and is a awesome reporter, ’nuff said.

Gao: They were obviously saving her for another show/season (Daredevil Season 2 and Iron Fist) – Underdeveloped

Nobu: Severely underdeveloped, he’s built up for a disappointing end.

Leland: Great portrayal, however, I wish they touched upon they’re backstory.

Wesley: Great portrayal.

The Russians: Even though they had a lot of screen time, we only got a snippet of their backstory. They’re portrayal is great, however, they’re backstory and characters are a bit stale.

The Plot: Overall, the plot was great, however, some of the subplots/arcs could be better. I’m not going to as in depth as I normally would to avoid spoilers.

               Karen’s Arc: Okay, not great

               Daredevil’s Arc: Amazing

King Pin’s Arc: Phenomenal, I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that would make it better.

               Matt + Foggys’ Arc: Great, but could be better

9.5/10: would watch a third time

Plays way too many games and should probably sleep more.


Aditya Rao


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