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The Division 2 Open Beta – Game Review

The Division 2 is the successor to Ubisoft’s The Division that released in 2016. The Division 2 is a “Looter Shooter” that takes place in a ruined Washington DC. Its Open Beta recently took place and I got the opportunity to try it out. Here are some of the impressions the game left on me.

The game is initially very fun, with an interesting story (who the heck ordered all the green paint?!) and fun combat. Enemies are decent, however, there is very little variation between the enemy types with most encounters being with the same enemy types (just at different levels). This makes the combat stale after a few hours of gameplay. However, in hectic situations, the game becomes a lot more fun (as most games do). This is definitely a game meant to be played with friends as they greatly increase the experience and longevity of the game.

Since this is a looter-shooter, I think it is crucial to talk about some of the gear available. There is a decent variety with different items providing different benefits, however, they don’t have a huge impact on your character’s appearance. There is a good variety of guns, definitely enough for you to have to think about what to pick, however, there isn’t much to differentiate each gun apart from its stats (no special characteristics apart from the crosshair at times). Furthermore, the guns don’t have any punch to them like some other games (Sounds aren’t exemplary, recoil is lackluster, etc.), they just feel a bit weak. One thing that I think significantly ads to the game (making it much more fun than the original) are the gadgets, which have a great variety with some being much more useful than others (the riot foam is the best of course, no doubt about it).

The Game simply looks amazing, everything looks pretty realistic apart from the plasticky nature of the character models (which very few games have been able to get around). Guns are well detailed (however, you don’t see much of them), and the clothing is quite well detailed (however, not too varied). The best part is the map, it’s expansive and interesting. Even though the Beta was in a restricted space, there was still quite a lot to explore, the map of DC is (apparently) accurate to the real thing (for the most part). Needless to say, I have high hopes for the full map as I think it’ll be interesting to explore. The game isn’t particularly well optimized in my experience as I got lackluster frames (in comparison to what I was expecting), despite this, there isn’t much difference between the different quality levels.

Overall, I think the Division 2 would be pretty fun with a few friends (especially if you can get a full squad), however, it might be a lackluster experience otherwise. Moreover, there isn’t much to hook the player other than the story of which idiot ordered the damn paint (to be serious, the story seems interesting) and some side missions (like helping civilians get water). Moreover, there wasn’t anything that specifically stood out to me other than the map (which is amazing), hopefully, Ubisoft can add stuff later on to make the game more interesting in the long term. In addition, the game isn’t particularly well optimized (not that it’s too bad) which might be a concern to lower end PCs (However, there isn’t much difference between the quality levels). There were infrequent glitches, however, I will ignore these as it was an Open Beta (even though Betas have become more of an advertising method rather than a way to test the game). I have therefore subverted my expectations for the Division 2 and will give its beta a 6/10 or 6.5/10, (slightly above average).

Score (Not Final): 6.5/10

Plays way too many games and should probably sleep more.


Aditya Rao


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