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Door Kickers – Game Review

Door Kickers, by KILLHOUSEGAMES, is a top-down strategic real-time strategy SWAT planning game which allows players to feel like they’re in charge of a swat strike team.

Door kickers gives players full control over their team so that they can customize their team to every situation. Allowing players to test out every possible strategy, from memes to meticulously crafted plans, made over the course of hours. This depth in gameplay makes it so that the players can sink countless amounts of hours into the game while they craft a piece of art. Therefore, this would make you believe that planning is the most important part of the game, and the planning system itself is flawless and well-polished. However, this is quite the opposite, the planning system in the game allows the player to do everything that is essential but is incredibly irritating at times and can lead to well-crafted plans grinding to a halt.

This flawed planning mode is most likely because the game was developed with mobile in mind from the onset of development, which would be completely fine if it didn’t hamper the PC version of the game. Unfortunately, this is not the case and this mobile mindset ruins certain aspects of the game, such as the previously mentioned planning mode as well as the progression mode, which reeks of mobile pay walls such as the stars which presumably would be “play more levels and waste time to get this essential customization option OR pay $3”, fortunately, the microtransactions themselves are not in the PC version of the game.

The game can also be stupidly frustrating at times, I cannot stress how many times I tried a mission only to fail 3 more times. Counter intuitively, this makes the Player want to work even harder to achieve a #VictoryRoyale. This constant cycle of failure my drive away many players, however, those who do stick around and try until the end of the Level will be gratuitously rewarded with that infamous 3 star rating along with a rush of adrenaline (during the execution of that perfect plan) and a rush of dopamine. This is one of the main reasons the game is so fun, that rush of adrenaline while you watch helplessly, hoping your plan will succeed, this feeling emulates those found in other action FPSs and other games such as Rainbow Six Siege.

Door Kickers also offers a variety of different levels for players to play with. I have one main issue with the current levels in the game; they all feel the same, (bar few examples of course) as at the moment, the developers have taken a more of a quantity over quality approach to level making. I have to give credit where credit is due though, all the levels are different, but they don’t feel different, I don’t see much of a difference between their randomly Generated Level generator and the ones already in the game as they feel like the same thing (obviously there is a slightly different layout every time. This coupled with the fact that all the campaigns are a bunch of layouts with no real story makes the campaigns feel dry and under baked, though I guess they add a little more content.

My other critiques are a lot more minor as I don’t think they are as important.

  1. Some of the levels have, pacing: for example, some levels have evidence destroyer doing his job… of destroying the evidence… Which is job… Creating a sense of urgency, forcing the player to redirect some of their forces to deal with the threat. On other levels, there is no sense of urgency what so ever, you can take your time and sniff the flowers (in a manner of speaking)

2. The overall artwork in the game is sub-par, this doesn’t really affect gameplay, but it makes the game seem of lower quality than it actually is. By no means is the art bad, but at the same time, it’s not on the same standard you or I would expect.

3.The in-game prompts: I already touched upon this in depth earlier, but there is one more thing, whenever a evidence destroyer, is… Destroying evidence… it shows you his location even if it is in an undiscovered par of the mission/map/level which kind of breaks the whole aspect of planning as, it would be more interesting (in my opinion) if you had to make your officers risk blind break and clears in order to prevent evidence from being destroyed thereby making the game more frantic.

Some more things I should mention:

  1. The game has now been updated with co-op, however, I haven’t been able to try this feature out as I have no friends….

2.The game is fun to play in long runs but over a long period of time, as if you sit down for 4 hours every day to play the game, you’ll most likely experience a burnout and you’ll stop playing to the game, and eventually forget about it.

In conclusion, door kickers is an incredibly fun game with some huge pitfalls, however, in the end, most of these factors could be over looked if the game wasn’t 20 dollars! for that price I would expect a more polished game with better artwork and with no annoying pay wall place holders. Regardless of all this, I feel door kickers is a sold 6/10 pushing 6.5/10 at a 25% of sale, or a 5/10 at its listed price. Definitely pick up this game if its on sale for anything more than 50% off.

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