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The Spiritual Successor Succeeds! – The Dragon Prince Season 2

Merely 5 months after the initial release of Season/Book 1: Moon of The Dragon Prince, Aaron Ehasz, alongside Wonderstorm studios, have released Season/Book 2: Sky of the fantasy-animated series on Netflix on the 15th of February 2019. The Dragon Prince, called the spiritual successor to The Last Airbender, first released on Netflix in 2018 from the original Head Writer Aaron Ehasz of The Last Airbender and received tremendous praise for taking everything that made The Last Airbender one of the greatest animated shows of all time. If you have not read my review of Season One of The Dragon Prince you can do so here. Beware spoilers for Seasons 1 and 2 of the show.

The Dragon Prince Book 2: Sky, picks up right where we left off at the end of Season One. Our main team and the newly hatched dragon prince Azymondias, nicknamed ‘Zym’ are in the company of the Moonshadow Elf Mage Lujanne at the top of the Cursed Caldera. From there onwards, the story is rather stagnant for the first 3 episodes because of the arrival of Soren and Claudia, and Callum’s futile attempts to use magic without the aid of a Primal Stone without resorting to Dark Magic. The remaining 6 episodes of the Season have a lot of content packed into them and I have to give Wonderstorm Studios praise for managing to precisely and perfectly pack that much plot into 9 24-minute episodes. The Season advances the story that The Dragon Prince was telling as much, if not more, than Season One did, which keeps the pacing of the series consistent and is easy to keep up with. It flows well and no portion of the story feels rushed or stretched too long. The Season also includes a portion of backstory about the world, King Harrow’s rule and Callum and Ezran’s mother, and the other 4 Human Kingdoms of the Pentarchy, adding to the incredible Dragon-Prince-Verse that Wonderstorm Studios is building very well. Along with that we received a look into the conflict and war between the elves and the humans, which gave us an idea of the war going on.

The Dragon Prince

Moving on to the animation. Season One’s animation had a tendency to be rather choppy and clunky due to the low frame-rate at which it was rendered and this caused watchers to reach out to Netflix and Wonderstorm Studios regarding this, and reviewers like myself to mention it when rating the show. A big kudos goes to Wonderstorm Studios for taking that feedback and increasing the frame-rate at which they rendered the show and making the animation look a lot more smooth and flow better. Because of this, the sign language communication of General Amaya and the battle scenes were a lot more fluid and generally a lot more enjoyable to watch. The art style and colouring were vivid as usual and created a beautiful visual meal for watchers. The palette choice of Wonderstorm was perfect for the fantasy setting of the show and the tone and mood of the season.

As we must, we got a healthy dose of ‘Human Rayla’ this season; however, to my dismay it lasted little more than a couple minutes. Viren also had a rather interesting arc and character development and makes him seem less like the antagonistic figure that he is supposed to be, or at least we assume he is supposed to be. His children however, Soren and Claudia, seem like they might just turn out to be the Zuko and Azula of The Dragon Prince; although, unlike in The Last Airbender I speculate that it will be Claudia, initially seeming like the more antagonistic character, that will fill the role of the ‘Zuko’ whereas her idiotic brother Soren will play the ‘Azula’ except I believe that he won’t be as antagonistic in the future, unlike Azula.

The Dragon Prince

Even with the character arcs for Soren, Claudia and Viren, I believe that, by far, Callum had the most interesting character arc, and the end of the Season set up an insane character arc for Ezran next season. As Callum finally learns of the death of his step-father King Harrow, he finds it hard to pass the information onto his younger step-brother Ezran. This moral dilemma plays a nice undertone to Callum’s larger arc in the Season. After smashing the Sky Primal Stone to save the Dragon Prince’s egg and technically ‘hatching’ Prince Azymondias, Callum finds himself unable to perform magic as humans are not born with the ability to wield magic unlike the other creatures of Xadia. He struggles with himself over whether he should turn to Dark Magic as that is the only type of magic that humans are able to wield without the aid of a Primal Stone. He spends the majority of the season lamenting over this fact and trying to ‘connect’ with the Sky Arcanum, which would in turn give him a connection to the Primal Element of the Sky and allow him to perform Sky magic without a Primal Stone. Creatures other than humans are born with a specific Arcanum, such as Moonshadow elves with the Moon Arcanum. This is most likely why Season 2 is Book 2: Sky. Callum’s journey throughout the Season raises a lot of questions about the world of The Dragon Prince and if every creature is created equally or not. Humans are blamed for the creation of Dark Magic, but is it really that bad? All they were trying to do was provide themselves with a method to perform magic, like all the other creatures can do naturally. His journey takes him through thick and thin and a large amount of mental pressure as he does everything he can to connect with the Sky Arcanum.

The Dragon Prince

As for the set-up for Ezran’s arc next Season, we know that he has managed to develop a telepathic connection with prince Azymondias. I believe that Ezran and Azymondias are going to be the connect between the rulers of the nations that ends the war between Xadia and the humans, as they are heavily shown to be parallels of each other. Both technically the kings of their own region who have a telepathic connection with each other and are the other’s best friend. If this is not a clear indication of how important Azymondias and Ezran’s relationship will be in future Seasons, I do not know what is. At the end of Season 2 we see Ezran leave with the tracker Corvus back to Katolis to take his place on the throne. This is a very interesting plot development, as it is still unclear whether Ezran’s arc will be him handling Kingship and the threat from Viren and his new mirror friend, the archmage Aaravos, or him being informed by Pip the Falcon and heading back to assist Rayla, Callum and Azymondias in getting back to the Dragon Queen.

The show’s soundtrack is still rather basic and consistent with that of Season One. I came across a piece of information which I had suspected for a long time before I confirmed it and that was that Jack De Sena, the original voice actor for Sokka in The Last Airbender was performing the voicing for Prince Callum in The Dragon Prince, and doing it spectacularly. The voice acting this season was up to mark and done wonderfully. From the variations of Rayla, the wide range that Jack De Sena performed as Callum and the superb performances for Ezran, Soren, Claudia and especially Viren, and all the other characters. I have to say, whoever did the casting for the show did a damn good job.

Final Verdict:

This season of The Dragon Prince was a spectacular follow up to Season 1 a mere 5 months ago. In that short period of time, the team at Wonderstorm Studios did a superb job in providing the perfect amount of story for 9 episodes without making anything feel rushed or skipped. The characters received ample treatment this Season and some of them had amazing arcs and others had awesome arcs set up for them in the next seasons. The season even managed to squeeze a meme/joke from Lord Of The Rings by using the ‘One does not simply walk into Mordor’ and making it ‘One does not simply walk into Xadia’, to which Rayla humorously replies, ‘One does simply walk into Xadia’ before revealing her plan. My only issue with the season is the ending. Ending an episode with a cliffhanger is commonplace and acceptable; however, when a show ends a whole season with probably the biggest cliffhanger yet, and the episode ends and Netflix chucks a The Umbrella Academy trailer at you instead of the next episode, it is rather infuriating. Thankfully we should not have to wait too long for another Season and I believe that we should be able to expect Season/Book 3, which I predict will be titled Sun because of the ending of Season 2 and the appearance of that dragon and Rayla, Callum and Zym finally entering Xadia, sometime this year, maybe within 6 months by September 2019.

The Dragon Prince

Final Score: Breathtaking! (9.3/10)

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