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A True Masterpiece – For The King Game Review

For The King is a Procedural Turn-Based RPG that features Solo and Co-op play. Featuring a blend of Roguelike, Boardgame and JRPG Combat mechanics, For The King has a unique feel and aesthetic. Players must survive cunning enemies and creatures, wicked weather and brutal traps in their quest to solve the mysterious death of the king and bring order to the land.

For The King raised over $130,000 in its successful Kickstarter campaign during the summer of 2015. Initially designed as a board game created by Lead Designer Colby Young, For The King retains the strategic board game vibe while adding procedural worlds, JRPG combat, and roguelike elements.


Released on the 28th of February in 2017 I only recently came across this game on my Steam recommendations. Luckily for me, a few days after that the Epic Games Store was giving this away for free saving me a couple £.

I would have paid for this game.

For The King brings together the RPG, Tabletop adventure in a brilliant strategic manner – almost feeling like playing a virtual game of Dungeons & Dragons. The game is lightweight, and polished in every aspect.

As a lover of strategic games myself (Age of Empires III having been my first ever computer game which I still play to this day with others such as Civilisation V and VI, Rise of Nations, Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends, Endless Legend amongst others) I found the twist that For The King puts on the genre by making it an RPG adventure game as well truly refreshing and astonishing.

It’s easy to tell from the game’s sample images and videos that it’s going to be smashing, and it holds up in that regard. The turn-based RPG combat system is reminiscent of the old Final Fantasy games with a fresh hint of ingenuity. I killed a troll with a song from my wizard’s lute. That’s the kinda creativity and wacky stuff you can only get in a masterful DnD campaign.

When it comes to new and unique, gameplay-enhancing features, For The King is chock full of them:

Of course what I have mentioned above is merely a snippet of the entire game!

The artstyle is phenomenal and unparalleled. Despite not being a full AAA title, the game’s artwork is extremely well polished and engaging. It creates such a vibrant and lively world, with smooth animations working in tandem with the artwork to really bring the game to life.

The multiple base, and unlockable, character classes and types add a layer of depth and planning to the game as well as increasing its replayability as you can start a new game with a completely different set of characters! Each class has its own role to play, and even though some of the lines may be blurred, there is really nothing bad to say about that!

The story is basic but beautiful. Incredibly well crafted and detailed to the point where it felt that even though the game’s narrative was set, I was crafting, creating, and telling my own party’s story through their actions.

The game also has multiple scenarios! Apart from the basic For The King scenario, the developers have added free DLC content for all players with multitudes of new scenarios which are plentiful and equally lively. IronOak games are developers who are dedicated and in-tune with their community – which is something I respect a lot. They have done a phenomenal job with this game and their continued free support for it is something rare within the industry. Whether they continue making new For The King content or move onto other projects, I will be sure to follow them.

Final Verdict:

For The King is a spectacular virtual interpretation of Dungeons & Dragons, bringing to life every creative inspiration and implementation. The combat is challenging, but fair and extremely enjoyable. The artwork is phenomenal and incredibly vibrant and lively. The world and story crafted are engaging and encourage the player to tell their own story, do their own thing, yet still follow the main narrative – a masterpiece of a creation. I could go on for hours on how intricate and fascinating this game is – but alas I will not. IronOak Games – kudos to you. This is one of the best games I have ever personally played, and I look forward to any future projects.

I would recommend this game to anyone and everyone, strategy and RPG game veterans and amateurs. Even people who haven’t delved into this area before ought to give it a shot. For The King will introduce you in such a way that you’ll be hooked onto the genres.

Final Score: A True Undeniable Flawless Masterpiece that should last through the ages. (9.8/10)

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