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Formula 1 Drive to Survive – Netflix Exclusive Show

Intense. Gripping.  Entertaining.  Formula 1 Drive to Survive came out a few months ago and I finally gave it a watch.  Needless to say, I do not regret it. Despite Ferrari and Mercedes not taking part, it was still a blast to watch. The show didn’t focus disproportionately on any one team and covered each one separately (for the most part).

The production quality is great as would be expected. The cinematography is quite good; even when watching old clips I still was on the edge of my seat. This is probably because the on-track action has so much more impact when you know the thoughts and feelings behind it. Editing is also on point throughout the entire show.

The score is decent, nothing to get too excited over; it doesn’t really pull you in. In my opinion, the sounds of the cars are the best part of the sound design. The cars do sound amazing though, other than that, there isn’t too much to say really.

There is nothing too amazingly special about the show, nothing makes it stand out too much when compared to other documentaries, the main difference is that they don’t just focus on the drivers, but the teams as well. This makes the show a lot more interesting as you get to learn about the inner workings of an F1 team. However, this isn’t to say that they don’t focus on the drivers; they are well covered, and they get more than enough screen time.

The drivers have pretty great personalities and you get to learn things you might not have otherwise known. It’s interesting to hear their stories and their struggles to get into and to stay in Formula 1. There were quite a few extremely interesting episodes in my opinion, specifically about Ricardo, Force India/Racing Point, and The Magnussen-Hulkenberg rivalry.

However, this is one of the inherent flaws of the show comes in, we already know who was signed for next year, so it sometimes detracts from the tension of the show (ie. Ocon vs Perez for the Force India seat). This is the only really disappointing thing about the show other than the fact that Ferrari and Mercedes weren’t in it.

This brings me to my final point, they do a decent job in avoiding Mercedes and Ferrari, while not not acknowledging them. A Prime example is how they dealt with Leclerc. Even though he had a huge connection to Ferrari, they were able to frame the entire thing from his point of view, and it works.

Overall, I do feel Formula 1 drive to survive is a good watch. I would recommend it to most F1 fans, even if you don’t like some of the teams in the show (or your favorite team isn’t in it) (7.5/10). I would completely recommend it to anyone who wants to get into Formula 1 as in my opinion, it’s an excellent gateway into f1 (8/10). As for general non-F1 fans, I would say give it a watch, but it is definitely better if you know some prior background knowledge or there’s a specific aspect about the show that you’re interested are in (6.5/10).

Final Score: 7/10

Plays way too many games and should probably sleep more…


Aditya Rao


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