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The Angel and The Demon – Good Omens on Prime Video

Good Omens was recently released on Amazon Prime Video. A miniseries of 6 episodes, each roughly 50 minutes long, it boasts a spectacular cast and guarantees an enjoyable watch. This rendition of the best-selling book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett is certainly worth a watch.

The description for the show reads:
Aziraphale and Crowley, of Heaven and Hell respectively, have grown rather fond of the Earth. So it’s terrible news that it’s about to end. The armies of Good and Evil are amassing. The Four Horsemen are ready to ride. Everything is going according to the Divine Plan…except that someone seems to have misplaced the Antichrist. Can our heroes find him and stop Armageddon before it’s too late?

Good Omens

Diving straight into it, the stars of Good Omens are Aziraphale (played by Michael Sheen) and Crowley (played by David Tennant). The relationship and dynamic between these two characters throughout the history of the world that these two authors have created is by far the most fun and enjoyable portion of the show. I cannot stress enough how brilliantly both Michael Sheen and David Tennant have done crafting insanely fun, and relatable versions of an Angel and a Demon who have been on Earth a tad bit too long for both Heaven and Hell.

The other characters are by no means weak. The Archangel Gabriel (played by Jon Hamm) is a great side-character and an appearance by none other than the Sorcerer Supreme, Benedict Cumberbatch, in a role that I will not disclose at the time, is also a nice addition.

Revealing too much about some characters including their names is, unfortunately, counted as spoilers when it comes to this series so all I can say is that the Antichrist is also a rather good character. The characters of both Jack Whitehall and Adria Arjona are also brilliantly portrayed. Even though the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not big focuses in the show they come across as great characters and do not feel as if they were underused, even if I would have liked to see a little more of them. The only disappointment I have with the show in terms of characters is that it did not spend enough time developing the Antichrist and his friend’s characters, all of whom are very important to the plot.

Good Omens

Onto the plot. Good Omens has a rather generic premise of the coming of Armageddon/The Apocalypse, but it is done in a very different and interesting way. The way that the story is laid out across the world is fantastic and a pleasure to watch. It is a complex plot that does not seem to forget any characters that are introduced, making full use of the opportunities it has. However, despite the great adaptation of the Apocalypse, the greatest part of the plot is definitely how Aziraphale and Crowley’s relationship dynamic plays out across time and into the main plot.

It’s full of funny gags and a tsundere type attitude from the both of them due to the odd scenario the two are in, being best friends (which they will both deny) with their respective mortal enemies. An Angel who is best friends with a Demon (and vice versa) is obviously not very pleasing to both Heaven and Hell. This all culminates in a nice scene from David Tennant’s Crowley later in the series when he breaks down after he finds out something has happened to Aziraphale, it really shows the depth of their relationship and how both of them sort of need each other, and care for each other so much that it doesn’t matter if they’re supposedly on different sides of an eternal war.

Each episode was packed with content and so much happened. The entire series was paced very well, leaving no filler content which is always a win. Each minute was important to the greater story and not a second felt wasted. Furthermore, the show seemed to have secured Queen music as part of its soundtrack with the likes of Bohemian Rhapsody and I’m In Love With My Car. And as always, Queen is always a win.

Good Omens

Good Omens looks great too. The camerawork and overall production quality are great, and there are no instances where I felt as if they were subpar. However, there were certain portions where I believe the CGI and Special Effects could have been improved, but it was not something that bothered me much or interfered with my enjoyment of the show. After all, it was a miniseries without the biggest budget.

Good Omens even goes on to touch upon some of the issues the world is facing without making it such a big of a deal that it ruins the show. They discuss and talk about the issues of Climate Change and Pollution, making it central without any disruption, well done indeed. A TV miniseries is apparently more informed than some politicians and scientists. Says quite a lot doesn’t it?

Final Verdict:

Good Omens is an excellent miniseries offering from Prime Video, serving to show that they do not intend to let up in competing with the likes of Netflix and other streaming services. The best part of the show is without a doubt the chemistry and dynamic of Aziraphale and Crowley with amazing performances from both Michael Sheen and David Tennant, as well as the other characters and actors. This, complemented by Queen music, great production quality and a plot that serves the characters (not the other way around, looking at you GOT S8). I highly recommend giving this show a watch as it is a perfect use for 6 hours of your life. I have high hopes for a second season and hope that it comes soon.

Good Omens

Final Score: Hellishly Heavenly (8.7/10)

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