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How To Sell Drugs Online (fast) – Season 1 Review

Before we get started no this is not a tutorial, this is a review. Sorry if I got your hopes up.

How To Sell Drugs Online (fast) is an incredibly enthralling German comedy/drama series (subbed and dubbed in english) about a high school nerd who had just lost his girlfriend after she came back from a study leave from the US. He goes through great lengths to try and get her back however things don’t quite work out between them. It’s like the usual losing your girlfriend and trying everything to get her back, except it really isn’t.


The show is set in modern times, vividly portraying today’s generations heavy use of smartphones and other devices. That alone brings a lot of originality. Moritz, the main character and his best friend Lenny aren’t the most socially likeable characters in the series so it is very interesting to see how conflict evolves between them and their different goals.

It starts off with Moritz sabotaging their startup and turning it into a deep-web drugstore. From that point onward things only get worse. As a result of this him and Lenny then start to fall out as friends but with great struggle eventually make it up for each other. These internal conflicts keep happening due to various reasons and really helps maintaining conflict throughout the season.

With each episode the measures Moritz takes to sell drugs online put a lot on the line, from sacrificing friendships to getting the police involved. It’s interesting to see how Moritz and Lenny repeatedly fall apart and get back together throughout the season.
Also I found the fact that Moritz’s dad is a cop to be rather ironic and interesting.

Later on in the season the two druglords’ business had officially become the largest drugstore in Europe. However not all is well ends well. In the second last episode the show hits you with probably their biggest plot twist yet. So big that it takes 2 episodes to resolve.

My only gripe with this series was the fact that the ending felt rushed. Everything came together very quickly and I feel like they could have spent a bit more time making a proper resolution to all this conflict to make it feel more impactful because having a short ending didn’t make the tension feel as significant as it should have.



Moritz was a great character. He had a shallow outside personality but his inside personality was very extensive which fit perfectly with the overarching story.


As Moritz’s best friend, Lenny’s character arc got increasingly complex as the show progressed. He was played well and thanks to his momentous actions and reactions he quickly gained significance as the story progressed which helped further develop conflict as the story went on.


Daniel is the good-looking, popular kid and he is very accurately portrayed. Liked by everyone, always invited to parties, and most importantly; liked by Lisa. He provided the grounds for the Moritz and Lisa drama to stem from.


Lastly, Lisa was portrayed perfectly as the person who thinks she knows herself, but she doesn’t. She loses her sense of direction after coming back from studying abroad and doesn’t really know what’s best for her anymore. A proper encompassing of what teens today sometimes go through. That’s also what makes this series feel so realistic.


Plot aside, I feel like How To Sell Drugs Online (fast) was beautifully shot, often feeling very visually satisfying and also giving you a reason to actually watch it and not just listen to it.

The cinematography is one aspect that definitely puts this aside from other shows however, its unique style of editing plays a major part as well. You will often times see whatever is on a phone pop up on the side of your screen which gives you a sense of immersion as if you were actually there.

Final Verdict:

All in all How To Sell Drugs Online (fast) has been a fantastic series so far and I’d highly recommend you watch it. I’m surprisingly happy with the way this teen-drama comedy series turned out because previous shows that tried to incorporate the romance aspect often made it feel unrealistic and therefore unenjoyable. However, in this case they did a great job in keeping a reasonable level of romance.

Ultimately I think this was a blast to watch and I am definitely hoping for a season 2 to release sometime in the near future.

SCORE: 8.8/10

Fun fact if you type in the website which is the website they used in the show it will actually take you to their homepage on Netflix!

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