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Interesting Indies #1

2019 has a bunch of promising games coming out from AAA developers, however, in my experience, some of the best games come from indie developers. In this list of “Interesting Indies”, I’m going to write about 5 promising indie games that have released or are releasing.

Risk of Rain 2

I fully enjoyed the first Risk of Rain game and have been excited for this one ever since I learned of its existence. The new 3D graphics, as opposed to the 2D Risk of Rain used to be, is interesting and I think it has a lot of promise. Bringing the game into a 3D medium could be great as it opens up more possibilities for the player, however, it could also detract from Risk of Rain’s platforming experience which was quite good.


The second game on this list is Trüberbrook which is a story about an American physicist in Cold War era Germany working on his Quantum Mechanics paper when some spooky action occurs. The main element of Trüberbrook that catches my eye is the background, it looks amazing; the amount of effort put into the scenes really comes through (as all the sets are hand made in real life). This huge attention to detail gives me high hopes for the story, especially with its creative setting and plot (as shown in the trailer).

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

This is a game that released quite a long time ago and was a hit amongst a lot of youtube channels. The Stanley Parable was great and it left the player with a lot of ideas to contemplate. However, even though the game was released just over half a decade ago, the developers have just announced a new expansion pack which will add more endings and more choices to the game as well as porting The Stanley Parable to consoles (and PC too). Also, the trailer is just brilliant.

The Occupation

The Occupation is a fixed time (4 hours) narrative experience set in a slightly futuristic 1987. It takes place in North West England after a bombing has take place. The game puts you in the shoes of an investigative journalist who’s trying to uncover what actually happened the night of the bombing. The Occupation has another interesting concept with the idea that everything is real time and that your actions have consequences on the story. Furthermore, the game’s environment looks quite developed and immersive. However, the character models which aren’t bad, but are lackluster compared to the rest of the game.

Ape Out

Another very interesting indie coming out is Ape Out. There isn’t much to say about Ape Out except that it looks like a blast. Furthermore, the graphics look decent, nothing too special (lighting effects look good though). However, the main reason I’m excited about the game is the gameplay, it just looks fun; escaped Giant Ape on a rampage, and there are guns… sign me up.

Plays way too many games and should probably sleep more.


Aditya Rao


[These are my own opinions, and they may differ from yours. Many games go under my radar. I intend for this to be a series of on-going posts, so if there’s anything you think would be interesting, let me know in the comments of this article.]

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