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Johnny English Strikes Again – Movie Review

Yes I’m not the usual movie reviewer here on The Film Console but I was an avid fan of the previous two Johnny English fans so I was allowed to do this one. πŸ™‚

However even as a fan of the franchise, I have to say that I was greatly disappointed by this entry into the trilogy, and I do hope that the series ends here if they cannot make a decent movie.

The trailer link won’t load well with WordPress for some reason so here’s the link: 

For clarity, I will not be following the usual format that I do for my anime and manga reviews and will be writing this review like Devanshu writes his movie reviews.

I will however put my disclaimer in here (sort of my trademark now):

As always I would like to put a small disclaimer here. These are all my opinions and views on Johnny English Strikes Back, I am in no way opposing any views anyone else may have about this movie. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

Johnny English Strikes Again was a futile attempt by the studio to recreate the financial success of the previous two movies.

The plot is absolute rubbish and just a repeat of the first one. There is nothing more I can say about the plot as to write about a plot there is the prerequisite of there being a plot.

As for characters, our main man Johnny, played perfectly by Rowan Atkinson once more, is back and I love it, he is his usual awesome self and he sticks true to the loved character that the previous two movies crafted.

One thing I was excited for was the return of Bouph from the first movie, who wasn’t present in the second and was replaced by the superior character of Agent Tucker. It was a sad reunion that attributed nothing to the movie.

Perhaps the jokes in this movie were good and they were, however the entire pacing felt rushed and like they were just trying to get it over with.

The only one scene that I truly enjoyed was the dancing scene before the intermission, which was the pinnacle of comedy,

I don’t have much more to say about this rubbish movie except for the fact that I am very VERY disappointed.

Final Score: 4.0/10 πŸ™


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