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The Isekai that forgot it was an Isekai – Kenja No Mago

I’m going to keep this one brief because regardless of how much I may have enjoyed watching Kenja No Mago it is not a good show, even by Isekai standards.

Starting off we have an average everyday salaryman (like most other Isekais) who dies and is reincarnated in a fantasy world. Basic stuff. Except in this one, he doesn’t care that he’s been reincarnated, nor for getting home, or anything of the sort. He kinda just…lets it be. Dare I say forgets.

It isn’t a major plot point in the show and is only brought up once or twice for some unimportant reason or the other.

The premise is that he is reincarnated as a baby, found by one of the most powerful men in the world and is brought up as his grandson. He discovers that he is abnormally powerful and yada yada yada he becomes a classic Isekai protagonist. He goes to an academy for magic and thrashes people, essentially.

The only difference here is that this protag actually picks a damn girl and stays with her, instead of collecting a harem and being the most indecisive and clueless man ever.

Now onto the different aspects.

The story is basic, kids fighting demons who got overpowered because of this one guy who decided to have a different approach to doing magic than anyone else in the world because… well he’s the protagonist. Started off more interesting than it ended.

Characters are bland stereotypes and cringy to the point of no return. Slightly enjoyable to watch at times but very predictable and repetitive. Kenja No Mago had terrible episode planning, dropping each episode with a semi-interesting cliffhanger which did not serve its purpose.

The animation sucks. Like legit it is terrible. Clunky and very static. Characters don’t move well and every movement felt stale and not fluid as it should be. Couldn’t bring myself to get invested in any characters cause I knew the protag Shin would solve it in some overpowered way. There was never any tension.

Kenja No Mago‘s voice actors were decent at least. They sounded stale at some points and unenthusiastic but the dialogue was so poorly written that I can’t blame them. Luckily there were times when the voices were actually full of emotions and enthusiasm but it didn’t happen much. The OP and ED were terrible choices and did not sync to their videos well. Background sounds and etc were not Kenja No Mago‘s strength either.

After everything, the only thing I can say is that the show is meh when it comes to enjoyment. I liked watching it because I’m trash and because for some reason it was fun to watch at times (Also because I was hoping we would finally get a decent magic Isekai – I was wrong).

All in all, the Kenja No Mago sucks. The story sucks, characters suck, animation sucks, the sound is slightly better but still sucks, but it’s still slightly fun to watch. I would not recommend watching this Isekai but go ahead if you want.

Final Score: I Can’t Even (4.7/10)

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