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MCU Post Credits Scenes from Worst to Best

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become known for its post credit scenes over the years. Some of them have been great and some completely forgettable. Today, I’m going to rank all the MCU’s post credits from worst to best.


37. Thor the Dark World Jane Post Credits

The relationship between these characters is honestly pretty horrible and sitting through the credits to see them kiss was pointless. This is one of the examples of lazy and pointless post credit scenes.

36. Ant-Man Civil War Post Credits

This was a pretty cool scene in the actual Civil War movie but yet again didn’t feel necessary as an after credits scene. Before making this list I actually forgot about this one.

35. Ant-Man and the Wasp Drum Post Credits

After a great mid credits scene this one fell flat. The fact that this was in the trailers also made it feel like a huge waste of time. They also had the exact same joke at an earlier point so it wasn’t even remotely funny in my opinion.

34. GOTG Vol.2 Post Credits #2

This is one that could age a lot better. Right now, I don’t really see how they’re going to use these characters, especially now that Gunn is gone. But if they rumours of the Ravagers getting their own show is true, we could be looking back at this one in a much more positive light.

33. Incredible Hulk Stark Cameo

Now this is one that we know went nowhere. They made it seem like Stark was going to recruit Thunderbolt Ross but ultimately, that’s not the direction the MCU went with. It was one of the set ups that now doesn’t hold any meaning as Feige and Whedon did things differently.

32. Goose The (Flerken) Cat

Although I loved the cat in Captain Marvel, this scene was not even close to as funny as some of the other moments she has in the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I would say it isn’t necessary to stay for this one.

31. Tony Stark and Banner in Iron Man 3

This was a fun interaction but isn’t as memorable as some of the other scenes we’ve gotten. That’s why it’s low on this list.

30. Erik Selving Thor Post Credits

This was a neat little tease for The Avengers and it was effective in getting people a lot more hyped for the team up movie. Haven’t got a lot more to say about this one.

29. Teen Groot in Guardians 2

Teen Groot was cool in Infinity War and we got our first glimpse of the character in one of the 5 post credits in Guardians 2. But, this is another one of those fun but forgettable post credit scenes in this universe.

28. Grandmaster in Ragnarok

Speaking of fun but forgettable, that’s the perfect way to describe this one. I loved the Grandmaster in Ragnarok and Jeff Goldblum was obviously great. But at the end of the day, this one doesn’t really mean a lot for the MCU and isn’t as funny as some of the other ones we’ve gotten.

27. The Second Thanos Tease in Ultron

I have a feeling this scene would’ve been a lot more effective if we hadn’t got a cooler Thanos tease in the first Avengers movie. It was fun but it had already been done before and it was even better the first time.

26. Civil War Post Credits #2

Holland’s Spider-Man was one of the standouts of the movie and seeing the character have a few extra moments towards the end was great. Overall, a fun post credit scene that increased hype levels for Homecoming.

25. Civil War Post Credits #1

And this did the same thing for Black Panther. It was a small first glimpse into Wakanda and the technology they had at their disposal. Black Panther was awesome in Civil War and this made me even more excited for his solo movie.

24. Drax Gets Stabbed

The first of several post credits in Guardians and was one of the funnier ones. Guardians 2 had a lot of hit and miss humour for me and this is one of the bits that I found genuinely funny.

23. The Collector gets the Reality Stone

One of the more important ones in the entire MCU and one of the few good moments in The Dark World. I love Benicio Del Toro so seeing him was awesome.

22. White Wolf

This was Marvel’s way of showing that Bucky has changed as a character. The Winter Solider days are over and he is now The White Wolf. It was a good scene but part of me still wishes we got to see Captain America pop up in this one.

21. Thanos attacks Asgard

One of the final few movies before Infinity War and the first post credits scene was awesome. It teased a great opening and the Thor and Thanos conflict which played a pivotal role in Avengers 3.

20. Mordo’s Plan Revealed

I love Chiwetel Ejiofor. He’s an incredibly underrated actor and is always great as a villain. I liked him in Doctor Strange and seeing him evolve into becoming a villain was great. Can’t wait to see him in the sequel.

19. Dancing Baby Groot

It was after this scene that we all knew Baby Groot was going to steal the next movie. This was a fun little interaction between Drax and Baby Groot and it’s a shame we may never see those two versions interact again.

18. Steve Rogers gets a call for The Avengers

This was a neat post credits scene. It was another one that was teasing the big team up movie and did an effective job building up the hype for it.

17. Winter Soldier in the Museum

The Winter Soldier is one of the best MCU movies and I loved what they did with the Bucky character. Seeing him in the museum where Cap was earlier was great and is one of my favourite Bucky scenes.

16. Thor and Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a good Marvel movie with a great protagonist. I was already excited for Ragnarok but this got me even more excited for it. A great example of how Marvel builds hype for other movies.

15. Sinister Six tease

As a huge Spider-Man fan, seeing them hint at a future Sinister Six movie was awesome. Can’t wait to see Vulture, Mysterio, Scorpion and several other characters eventually go up against Peter Parker.

14. Howard the Duck

This character was a fun little easter egg and this post credits scene had me laughing pretty hard. I like how he seems to be a recurring character in these Guardians movies.

13. Adam Warlock

Even though I wasn’t a fan of the Elizabeth Debicki character, it was great to see them hint at Adam Warlock potentially appearing in a future Marvel movie. I don’t know what plans they had for the character but if done right, he could be one of the MCU’s best.

12. Stan Lee and the Watchers

I was always a strong believer of the theory that Stan Lee was a watcher and this movie basically confirmed it. He had some funny interactions with them and some pretty cool callbacks to his other cameos.

11. Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver

The first time I saw this movie was after Days of Future Past so seeing them show off Quicksilver got me pretty excited. Elizabeth Olsen is also super talented so I was excited to see her. However, both characters were disappointing. Still doesn’t change the fact that this scene was pretty cool.

10. Wasp

Evangeline Lily is awesome. Seeing her as a superhero was going to be awesome. This post credits scene is awesome.

9. The Pager

Our first hint at Captain Marvel was pretty great. I’ve seen mixed reactions over this one but it worked really well for me and yet again, is another example of using these scenes to increase anticipation for future movies.

8. Wakanda Comes Out to the World

Part of me feels like this should’ve been the final scene in the movie and not a post credits. It effectively concludes the entire arc the protagonist had over whether he should tell the world about Wakanda’s resources and was ultimately one of the better scenes.

7. Shawarma

One of the funniest MCU post credit scenes and a great callback to some dialogue earlier in the film. Seeing the superheroes all sit around exhausted was great and the decision to not have any dialogue was great.

6. The First Thanos Tease

But the first scene was even better. It gave us a sense of where the MCU was headed and showed that the endgame for these characters would be Thanos.

5. Coulson and the Hammer

We had already gotten multiple suggestions of other characters in the shared universe but seeing this scene finally cemented the fact that we were going to see crossovers.

4. Wasp, Pym and Janet get dusted

After the Decimation in Infinity War, we knew there were going to be some references in this movie. Although most of us saw this coming, the execution was great and this was easily the best part of this movie.

3. Captain Marvel meets the Avengers

I enjoyed Captain Marvel a lot and one of my favourite parts was the post credits scene. It built up hype for Endgame in the perfect way and I can’t wait to see her interact with the Avengers in a month.

2. Patience

This is easily the funniest post credits scene. It’s a fun poke at the fans of the franchise. Before I heard the movie some had told me this was one of the best so naturally I expected an Infinity War tease. However, what we got was great and it’s definitely one of my favourites.

1. The Avengers Initiative

The first one is still the best. It started all of this. Seeing Nick Fury talk to Stark about The Avengers Initiative was awesome and is still easily the best post credits scene.

What do you think the best post credit scenes are? Do you agree with this list? Check out some of our other lists here.

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