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‘Blindspotting’, ‘First Man’ and Other Movies that should’ve been Nominated for Best Picture

So the Oscars are tonight and there has been tons of controversy surrounding the show this year. The Academy has made a ton of poor decisions over the last few months and the best picture nominees were one of them. I love The Favourite and A Star Is Born, and Roma and BlacKkKlansman also deserved their best picture nominations. Movies like Bohemian Rhapsody, Green Book and Black Panther are good, but are they really worthy of a best picture nomination? Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody were criticised for being too safe and Black Panther isn’t even regarded as one of the top two comic book movies of the year. Today, I’m going to talk about films I believe deserved a best picture. These aren’t my personal favourite films of 2018. Most of these films are movies that I believe were objectively some of the best.

Movies that got a Best Picture Nomination and deserved it

I would have nominated four of the films that ended up being nominated for best picture. The first one is The Favourite. This was my first Lanthimos movie and I adored it. It has this weird and unique vibe to it and doesn’t tell a conventional story. It surprised me at several points and all the performances were great. Another nominee I loved was A Star Is Born. This movie was probably the most emotional movie of the year for me. Bradley Cooper did a great job directing this movie and he also had outstanding chemistry with Lady Gaga, who was surprisingly excellent. Roma is undeniably one of the most well-crafted films of the year and BlacKkKlansman is another one that definitely deserves its best picture nomination.


This film absolutely deserves a best picture nomination. It discusses themes of race in a far more effective manner than Black Panther and BlacKkKlansman. It also explores several other themes, has a great script and two incredible lead performances. The movie also goes about developing character in a unique way through the use of rap. This film was absolutely one of the best of the year and how it didn’t get a best picture nomination is beyond me.

First Reformed

This is one of those movies where I admire the filmmaking but don’t love the movie as much as everyone else does. Nearly every technical aspect of this film works. The cinematography is easily some of the best this year and the screenplay is one of the most effective. Ethan Hawke’s lead performance is up there with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale and is definitely one of the bigger snubs of the year. I don’t love this movie, but the work that went into the film deserves more recognition from the Academy.

First Man

I completely understand some criticisms about how the movie was emotionally distant. They tried to provide some heart by having the bracelet scene on the moon and that definitely helped but overall, it still had a hard to like protagonist. However, that was who Neil Armstrong was and when you take that into account, Ryan Gosling put up a good portrayal. When you look at the other aspects of the film, it’s near perfect. The score, cinematography, visual effects, production design and sound design were all incredible. Claire Foy’s performance deserved more love and Chazelle’s direction work was far better than some of the directors that did get nominated this year. This film is a technical achievement and deserved a best picture nomination. Read my review here.


Like First Reformed, I don’t love this movie as much as everyone else does. But Toni Collette definitely deserved a nomination and the film is one of the most unique horror films that has come out recently. The Oscars often get criticism for really being more of a ‘Best Drama’ show than a show that rewards all types of films. Hereditary was regarded as one of the great horror movies and should’ve gotten more recognition.


Another film from a genre that doesn’t get a lot of recognition. Searching was a thriller that felt unique and one of the better thrillers we’ve gotten in recent years. It was another movie that came out this year and felt unique due to the method of storytelling. Read my full review for the film here.

Eighth Grade

And the final movie that I strongly believe deserved a best picture nomination is Eighth Grade. In a world where we get tons of coming of age movies that are exaggerated, Eighth Grade felt real. It accurately captured what it’s like growing up in today’s world. It had all the necessary cringe and had one of the best central performances. Elsie Fisher killed it. The screenplay also deserved a nomination and maybe even a win. For some reason the Academy didn’t recognise it. For my full review click here.

And those are my best picture nominees. To sum it up, I would’ve nominated: Roma, A Star Is Born, The Favourite, BlacKkKlansman, Blindspotting, First Reformed, Hereditary, First Man, Searching and Eighth Grade for best picture. What would you have nominated? What are your thoughts on this year’s nominees?

For my predictions for the Oscars this year click here.

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