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Outlaw King – Movie Review

Outlaw King is the new Netflix movie that is also playing in some theaters in the United States. David Mackenzie directed this one and it stars Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh and more.

The first 10 minutes of this movie are brilliant. The one take scene manages to establish so much and creates a great atmosphere. This sequence had great action, dialogue and was extremely engaging. The movie has a lot of action but one of the ones that was filmed the best was easily the short duel between Robert and Edward. I also loved how unique it felt because of the cinematography.

Unfortunately, the movie never lives up to how great and unique this opening was. The story was extremely bland. It had no real emotion in the movie and because of that, I began to lose interest in the middle. The characters didn’t really stand out to me and were all one-note and boring. There was no real development for any of the characters and there motives were not always made clear in the movie. Even if the supporting characters weren’t properly fleshed out, the fact that the lead is so bland was disappointing. Furthermore, Chris Pine’s performance wasn’t that great. I was shocked by that considering he’s great in Wonder Woman and the Star Trek movies. I haven’t seen Hell or High Water but I’ve heard he’s fantastic in that as well. However, he brought nothing to the role in this movie.

Except for his penis. Before I saw this movie, the only thing I knew was that he has a few nude shots. I didn’t understand why it was such a big deal but just letting you know that if you were looking forward to seeing it, you won’t be disappointed I guess? I don’t know why everyone is only talking about Pine when Florence Pugh went nude as well.

She was one of the few bright spots about the movie. She had good charisma on screen. Another actor who stood out to me is Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Apart from Age of Ultron, he’s great in pretty much everything I’ve seen him in so I wasn’t surprised by this performance.

Another aspect of the film that really worked for me was the atmosphere. A lot of movies that are set in another periods have moments which don’t exactly work for that time period. This movie made me feel like I was in 1300s Scotland. The production design and costume was also extremely realistic for the period and helped establish this.

Some of the action is also extremely bloody and was one of the few things that kept my attention during the film. It isn’t afraid to be brutal and that was definitely one of the advantages of being a Netflix original film. Not all of the action is great though. There are several moments where it was shot oddly and looked sloppy and cheap.

One of the other technical aspects that stood out to me was the score. It elevated some satisfactory scenes and the score was definitely much better than the movie was.

Overall, Outlaw King was not as entertaining as I hoped it would be despite a pretty great opening and some good action. The story and characters were too bland for this to work and I’m so happy I didn’t see the longer cut that was shown at Film Festivals. This movie gets a C from me.

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