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Pixar Movies Ranked

Over the last 24 years, Pixar has established itself as one of the most successful movie studios of all time. With the release of Toy Story 4 this weekend, I’m going to rank all Pixar movies from worst to best.

DISCLAIMER: Most of these movies are so good so even if I have a movie at 12, I still absolutely adored it. Also all film is subjective. Your list will be different from mine and that’s great! Just don’t be mean about it.

21. Cars 2

Yeah this is a generic answer but this is one of the few Pixar movies that doesn’t have that many redeeming qualities. Mater was entertaining in the first one but super annoying in this one and made the movie a lot worse. It lacked charm and the humour missed 95% of the time. The plot was also EXTREMELY cliched. I know this is probably at the bottom for everyone and there are many reasons why.

20. The Good Dinosaur

Unlike Cars 2 this movie has some redeeming qualities. Background animation wise this is one of the strongest Pixar movies and there were some emotional beats but for the most part it felt uninspired to me.

19. Brave

I kind of forgot this was a Pixar movie. It was one of the safer Pixar movies and because of that I honestly don’t remember this one and I don’t think I ever want to revisit it.

18. Cars 3

Like every movie in this franchise it felt a little bland. The new character was probably one of the most compelling in the franchise. Even though Lightning McQueen has an awesome character design, I don’t care about him whatsoever.

17. Cars

Easily the best Cars movie. Most of it is forgettable but it has good moments and is the only one in the franchise that I wouldn’t mind revisiting.

16. A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life is not a bad movie whatsoever. However, when you compare it to some of the other Pixar movies, it pales in comparison. It’s one of those Pixar movies that I find a little forgettable.

15. Monsters University

I adore the first one and this was a disappointment. It suffers from the common prequel problem where they feel the need to explain things I didn’t need to know.

14. Finding Dory

A little forgettable but some moments towards the end really hit. When Dory finally reunites with her parents it was a great moment. Although the film is very flawed, I still enjoy certain aspects of the film.

13. Incredibles 2

I walked out of this really loving it but it hasn’t aged as well as I wanted to. The animation and action was perfect and Jack Jack was hilarious. But several arcs in the movie just felt like a repeat of the first. Some of them just completely ignored the events of the first film. Moreover, the villain was very weak. Overall, this was a fun but flawed movie.

12. Coco

I HATE how low this movie is. Coco should be way higher on a Pixar movies ranked. But I can’t really put it above any of the other movies. Great characters, beautiful animation and soundtrack and an extremely powerful ending. This movie had it all.

11. Toy Story

The one that started it all for Pixar is still one of the best. Sure the animation feels a little dated now but the characters and mature themes still make this one of the stronger animated movies.

10. Ratatouille

Brad Bird is a genius. Like nearly every movie in this Pixar Movies Ranked top 10, I love the characters and the animation style. This felt so unique and 12 years later is still one of the best.

9. The Incredibles

Is this the greatest Fantastic Four movie ever made? Absolutely. From the world Brad Bird created to the fun characters and family dynamic. The way the colour palette is used to show how frustrated and dull Mr Incredible’s life was at the start was great. Syndrome is also one of the strongest antagonists in Pixar history.

8. Up

The first few minutes would top the list. So emotionally powerful and there was not a dry eye in the theater. Even though the rest of the movie never lived up to the opening, I still loved the story and the ending was also very strong.

7. Inside Out

The voice casting for this movie was straight up perfect. I felt like the world building was fantastic and the animation was beautiful. There were so many moments throughout the final act that were emotionally powerful like Riley reuniting with her parents.

6. Toy Story 4

The only reason I can’t put this higher is because I’ve only seen it once. Not going to say a lot because there is already a review on the site(click here) but this movie was an emotional rollercoaster. I laughed and cried and felt everything I wanted to. Check it out as soon as possible.

5. Monsters, Inc

Another great example for anyone who wants to craft a fantasy world. There were so many beautiful moments and the relationship between the three protagonists was fantastic. Even though Monsters University is pretty low on my Pixar movies ranked list, I’m excited for the Disney+ show.

4. Wall-E

One of the saddest and most powerful Pixar movies for sure. The opening has some of the best animation in the franchise and even after the first act the movie continues to thrive in every aspect of storytelling.

3. Toy Story 2

Jessie’s arc in this movie gets me every time. Still one of the my favourite movie flashbacks. The humour in this movie was great and like any of the first three Toy Story movies, the relationship between the toys makes this movie work.

2. Finding Nemo

The detail to the animation for a 2003 movie is insane. The father and son story at the centre of the movie is what hit me the most and 16 years later this is still one of my favourite movies.

1. Toy Story 3

The greatest Pixar movie and one of the greatest animated movies of all time. It works so well as a standalone story for the most part by introducing us to new toys and having great humour (Spanish Buzz is the best Buzz). But what really works is the final act. Seeing all those toys embrace the fact that they might die made me cry and when they say goodbye to Andy I cried again, Beautiful from start to finish.

So what do you think of this Pixar Movies Ranked list? What would your list look like?

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