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Post Scriptum – Game Review

Post Scriptum is a world war 2 realism shooter developed by Periscope Games and published by Offworld Industries. The game mainly focuses on the 82nd, 101st, and 1st Airborne Divisions (there are others) during the second world war; however, in the recent updates they’ve included the Normandy landings where you land on Utah beach. You’re thrown onto one of two sides: Germans (who are currently the only axis faction) and either US or British troops. Overall the game is pretty good, but there are some issues.

Release trailer for the game

Starting off with the gameplay, in short, it’s pretty good. The sense of participating in a massive battle is really appealing. One word of warning, the game is quite hardcore with a very steep learning curve. It’s very similar to Squad (same developers) or Red Orchestra games (Specifically Rising Storm 2: Vietnam) in terms of intensity, I was able to pick it up relatively quickly because of this.

Half the time you will be killed and you’ll have no idea why or where it came from, which is frustrating but it makes it quite satisfying when you do get a kill. On the topic of kills, this game doesn’t really tell you when you get one (unless it’s friendly) which can be a bit frustrating, I wouldn’t say to change it; however, I think RS2: Vietnam’s implementation is good with the delayed timer mechanic and I kind of wish they did something similar to that. The team play is pretty good in this game. You’ll consistently find teams who are communicating on the radio and squads acting as a proper unit. I think that this is the main draw of this game. I’m a big Arma 3 fan and was a long time member of a unit and this filled the same niche for me.

One of the key aspects of the gameplay is spawning/transportation. I wish this was improved, because many a time I have found myself trudging through the vast fields in pitch darkness because my Squad Leader didn’t put down a rally point (temporary spawn points only for squad members), or the logistics team didn’t build a Forward Operating base (forward spawn points which can be destroyed) or the MSPs are destroyed (Mobile Spawn points, they’re these trucks), only to get nailed by a sniper and then having to do it again. I get this is to make you play carefully, but I still think it could still be improved. For example, as you move forward through the map, a FOB is automatically built maybe a 100 meters or so closer. An alternative would be destroyed vehicles spawning faster, but that could bring a whole host of other issues.

Getting into an MSP

That nicely segways into the vehicles in the game. There are a decent variety of them, including tanks, APCs, cars, trucks, which are the main ones which come to mind, I’ve not gotten the opportunity to be in a tank crew, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty fun (a lot of teamwork is needed between the commander gunner and driver). The controls for all the vehicles are a bit lacking in my opinion, it isn’t a driving game, but I do think it could do with a bit more polish. As mentioned before, I do wish they spawned more often, however, especially for cars, I don’t find myself in them that often – I mainly find myself in the thick of it where being on a gun would be a death sentence.

One last point about vehicles, for MSPs, I really wish they had some sort of minimum deploy distance radius. Essentially, to deploy the MSP – as in make it available to spawn in – you need to be a certain distance from the enemy spawn; overall, I agree with this, just sometimes you don’t know how far you have to be.

To finish up the gameplay segment, the loadout system should be mentioned; it’s pretty good, I like it a lot more than Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s because the roles are allocated per squad instead of per team so it feels like you get a lot more opportunities to play as the roles you want. The guns do have bugs, one really annoying one is when you’re resting using a bipod (bayonets are okay, they work well nothing much to comment on) and it attaches to the wrong point like 7 times. Overall however, they look good and pack a real punch in terms of sound and damage as, more often than not, you will die from one shot, or at least go down. I also really like their respawn mechanic, it’s basic but good, each player has one revive who they can use on any team member (but not themselves) with medics having many more, this encourages teamwork and playing aggressively to an extent.

The game, to say the least, looks great. The maps look beautiful and the character models are nice as well. There are times when the character model deforms in a weird way, there should be a picture above this paragraph, but overall, there aren’t any issues here. In fact, compared to Hell Let Loose footage I’ve seen, Post Scriptum looks 10 times better in my opinion. The level design is overall good, there are some unbalanced maps; however, due to community voting on most servers, it doesn’t pose too much of an issue. My minor gripe is with the UI, it’s a bit clunky to say the least; however, more importantly, it’s a bit unintuitive, especially the map. You must go into the respawn menu to rescale it which I didn’t know for an embarrassingly long time. Another thing is, I wish they had some sort of equipment wheel in addition to binding it to the num-row which would make it a lot easier (similar to Doom Eternal, review for that coming soon).

Now to optimization, this is one area where Post Scriptum needs a lot of work. There are a bunch of bugs, the game itself runs okay – could be better – but the main issue is bugs. I have glitched into walls, stuck behind a door, and while not a bug but I want to bring it up again, the bipod placement is really frustrating. I once went down and got a perma-black screen and had to alt-f4 to get out. Another big issue is with the radio bugs, I couldn’t get any microphones to work (my laptop’s, my headset, or my external one). They really need to fix that, and it could be done super easily, just have a select audio-sources option in game! I wasn’t the only person facing this issue as well, it took me hours trying to fix it (I did in the end, it was a combination of the game auto-enabling filters and microphone stuff).

Glitching through the ground while drinking from a canteen

Despite all this, the startup times are the biggest offender for me, and I have no clue why this issue even started. Essentially, I have it on an old 5400 rpm hard disk (SSD space on my drives is at a premium at the moment) which normally performs fine for most applications (everything loads relatively fast) and this game was fine too, maybe 1-3 min start up, which is understandable for a disk of this speed. The issue came suddenly, and it now takes around 20-40 min to get the selection menu, which is just unprecedented and unacceptable. I have no clue why this happened, and I know the same thing occurred for at least one other person so it’s not just for me. It’s happened to no other games, just Post Scriptum. The worst part is, it just might crash outright if you click early, making it excruciatingly frustrating.

In conclusion, Post Scriptum is amazing… in terms of gameplay and art design, however, when it comes to optimization there’s much to be desired. It really pains me that this game has these issues because in all other aspects its very good, great even, but I can’t give it the marks I want to solely because of how poorly it performs sometimes. I’d give it an 8/10 (my marking scale considers 5 to be the average – like a “meh” game) but I’m inclined to bump it down to only above average – like a 6.5. However, a lot of the issues I faced were potentially because local problems – ie not universal – but even then I have to take them into account. Overall, I’m giving Post Scriptum a 7/10 which is really good (7 is like a great game for me), but there’s a lot to be desired especially for optimization.

Final Score: 7/10

One quick Post Scriptum, the game is receiving updates, currently chapter 3 is released, with one map remaining. The last map is the battle of Carentan, the trailer emulates one of the scenes from Band of Brothers, so I’m pretty excited.

Plays way too many games and should probably sleep more…


Aditya Rao


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