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Predator (1987) – Movie Revisit Review

This month, Fox are releasing Shane Black’s Predator movie. The Movie Revisit Review series will look at the biggest movie releasing every month and review an older movie that is related to the new one. Predator (1987) is the predecessor to the new movie.

Overall Thoughts:

In my opinion, this is a really good movie with some really great horror and action elements. Arnold Schwarzenneger really shines in this movie and his character is honestly one of the strongest parts. Nearly all of the supporting cast is also really great. Jesse Ventura and Bill Duke were the standouts for me. However, this movie is far from flawless. Some aspects feel really dumb and I’ll get into them more in the spoiler section. Some of the CGI is also really outdated. Thankfully, most of it holds up today. I would give Predator a B+. 

WARNING! There will be spoilers in this article. If you want to know what I hope to get out of the new movie, scroll to the bottom.


The characters in this movie are pretty fantastic. It’s a shame all of them except Dutch died in the movie. I would have loved to see characters like Blain or Mac make cameos in this movie.

While we’re on Blain. He had some of the funniest one-liners before his death early on in the film. Some of my favourite lines were “sexual tyrannosaurus. Just like me.” or “I ain’t got time to bleed.” Unfortunately, he died quite early in the film and that was a real shame. 

I also really enjoyed Mac’s arc in the movie. After the death of someone in the rescue team. He seems to want revenge on the Predator after this and that led to some great moments. He has one monologue towards the end and it is definitely one of the best parts of the film.

And we can’t talk about the Predator without talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch. He’s honestly such a badass. In addition, he’s got the second best one-liners in the entire movie. My favourite line was in the final act when he’s fighting the Predator and says “Oh you ugly motherf***er.” 

Most of the actors bring something special to the role. They were all really good and I can’t wait to watch more of their movies.

The interactions between the characters is also quite great. This is evident in the opening scene. There was a real sense of friendship amongst the rescue team in this scene. It’s a shame they all die. Except Dutch. Furthermore, Dutch and Carl Weather’s Dillon have a hilarious scene at the start of the movie where they shake hands and we see their muscles. It’s one of the funniest scenes in the movie and the interactions between the two characters are fantastic.

Action and Horror:

Some of the action in this movie is fantastic. The opening thirty minutes has an extended gun battle and it’s extremely entertaining to watch. The entire movie consists of entertaining action sequences. Some of my favourites were Billy and the Predator and the final battle with Schwarzenegger.

This movie also uses a lot of horror elements in the film. The horror aspects highlight the threat the Predator is. Throughout the film, we see guts splattered everywhere and there are a lot of skinned bodies in the movie. I think that this was extremely effective as it showed how dangerous this creature was.

Visual Effects:

And now, let’s get into the negatives. A few of visual effects still hold up today but a lot of it doesn’t look that great anymore. The opening scene looks extremely dated. Moreover, a lot of the explosions that come out of the Predator do not look good in 2018. Due to this, I was taken out of the movie quite a few times.

Final Act(Predator vs Arnold):

I now want to talk about my mixed feeling about the final act. I felt like the mud technique Dutch used in the end was really smart. It balanced the scales and made the final action sequence against the Predator exhilarating. 

While we’re on the action sequence. It was great! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. If the visual effects held up better, this would be one of my favourite action sequences of all time.

One of the shots from the final act

Another aspect of the final act which stood out was one of the last few moments where Dutch is standing in the middle after the explosion. It’s an extremely satisfying shot and a good note to end the film on.

Although the final act has its moments, there is one scene that is absolutely dreadful and very cringeworthy. This moment was when Arnold has almost defeated the Predator but then the Predator has a weird laugh. Maybe in concept this was great? The execution was awful and this was hands down one of the worst scenes in the entire movie for me. Fortunately, the rest of the movie was mostly good and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hopes for The Predator(2018):

The Red Band trailer for this dropped recently. I honestly thought it was better than anything else that they had put out before this. We got to see the hardcore and R rated side of the movie in the trailer. As long as this movie isn’t as horrendous as those Alien V Predator movies we should be fine. I’m excited to see Alfie Allen. He’s a really good actor on Game of Thrones and I hope he’s not wasted and killed off early. I’m also a huge fan of Sterling K. Brown and he looked great in the trailer. Shane Black is also an extremely talented director. The Nice Guys is one of my favourite movies and I believe Iron Man 3 is an underrated movie.

All this gives me hope the movie will be good. However, the first few trailers were not exactly the best and Olivia Munn’s delivery looked a bit off to me. 

Overall, I’m hoping this movie is as fun as the original. It doesn’t need to have a well-written plot or anything like that. In my opinion, it just need to be a super fun movie with great character interactions and good action sequences. I won’t get a chance to watch it until November or December but I will review it then.

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