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Predictions for the 2019 Oscars

So the Oscars is this Sunday and I’ve got a chance to see most of the movies. The only major contenders I missed are Vice and If Beale Street Could Talk. Today, I’m going to predict each of the categories except the shorts. I’ll also give you guys my personal picks in each category.

Best Documentary

What Will Win: Free Solo What Should Win: RBG

Honestly, what should win is Won’t You Be My Neighbor but that didn’t even get a nomination. Another one of the favourites before the nominations came out was Three Identical Strangers and that was also snubbed. Out of all the nominees, RBG deserves the win but it does look like most members are going to be voting for Free Solo. I don’t really mind as I found the documentary to be quite riveting. However, RBG was inspirational and in my opinion, more deserving of the award.

Best Visual Effects

What Will Win: Avengers: Infinity War What Should Win: Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War is the clear favourite in this category as it has won most of the visual effects awards in other shows. The work on Thanos and the movie in general was absolutely incredible and I’m happy that the work put into it is being recognised by the Academy. The only other film that I think has a chance of winning is First Man as that moon landing sequence looked phenomenal.

Best Costume Design

What Will Win: Black Panther What Should Win: Black Panther

Ruth Carter’s costume work on Black Panther should be a lock for this award and it absolutely deserves it. Every tribe had this distinct costume that helped establish the atmosphere and the world of Wakanda. No other nominee in this category deserves this award as much. Maybe The Favourite but even then, the costume work isn’t as great as in Black Panther.

Best Hair and Makeup

What Will Win: Vice What Should Win: Mary Queen Of Scots

It looks like this award is set to go to Vice. As I said earlier, I haven’t seen the film yet but based on the trailers, the makeup work in Mary Queen Of Scots looks far superior. The first time I saw that trailer I could barely recognise Margot Robbie in the role. That’s how great the makeup was. However, it looks like most Academy members think Vice is deserving of the win the same way they believed Darkest Hour deserved the win last year.

Best Original Song

What Will Win: “Shallow” from A Star Is Born What Should Win: “Shallow” from A Star Is Born

This honestly shouldn’t even be a competition. Yes, the Mary Poppins song is super emotional and All the Stars is great but no song in any movie this year comes close to Shallow. This song is what increased my anticipation for the movie and it worked great in the actual film. I’ll be surprised and extremely frustrated if any other song wins this Oscar.

Best Original Score

What Will Win: If Beale Street Could Talk What Should Win: Isle Of Dogs

Everyone seems to be raving about the score for the new Barry Jenkins film which is why I believe it’ll win on Sunday. Again, I haven’t sen the movie so out of the movies I have seen and that got a nomination, Isle of Dogs has the best score. Personally, I would’ve given the award to Justin Hurwitz for First Man. The moon landing sequence alone is deserving of an Oscar and the rest of the score is also one of my favourites of the year.

Best Production Design

What Will Win: The Favourite What Should Win: The Favourite

No other film really stands a chance in my opinion. The Favourite is my favourite movie of 2018 and one of the technical aspects that really stood out to me was the production design. I don’t see any other movie being in contention for this Oscar.

Best Sound Editing and Mixing

What Will Win: Roma What Should Win: Roma

This category is really close. First Man and A Quiet Place both had exceptional sound editing and any other year, they may be frontrunners. However, Roma came out this year and the sound editing for this film is nothing short of spectacular. I also don’t see any other film challenging Roma for sound mixing. Bohemian Rhapsody has an outside chance but Roma is the clear favourite for the sound editing oscar and sound mixing oscar.

Best Film Editing

What Will Win: Green Book What Should Win: BlacKkKlansman

Green Book is the clear frontrunner for this oscar. Although it’s the favourite, I would pick BlacKkKlansman. This film doesn’t strike that balance that it has between drama and humour if it wasn’t for the fantastic editing and direction.

Best Cinematography

What Will Win: Roma What Should Win: Roma

There is no other movie that should win this oscar. I preferred The Favourite as a film but cinematography wise, Roma is the best film I’ve seen this year. Cuaron’s work on this film was outstanding and if he doesn’t win, it will go down as one of the biggest Oscar snubs.

Best Foreign Film

What Will Win: Roma What Should Win: Roma

Another oscar that Roma has in the bag. I find it hard to believe that the only foreign film that is nominated for best picture won’t win the foreign film oscar. Cold War was good but not in the same conversation as Roma.

Best Animated Film

What Will Win: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse What Should Win: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse

This was one of my absolute favourite films of the year and deserves this oscar. The other animated movies are good but Spider-verse felt unique in a way the other animated movies didn’t. It’s won all the other animated awards in the buildup to the Oscars so it should end up winning this one as well.

Best Adapted Screenplay

What Will Win: BlacKkKlansman What Should Win: Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I loved the BlacKkKlansman script. It was unique and had a good balance between humour and drama. However, the dialogue for Can You Ever Forgive Me? was some of the best this year and the characters were well-written and fleshed out. It doesn’t look like this movie is getting the recognition it deserves which is why I see BlacKkKlansman winning this award come Oscar night.

Best Original Screenplay

What Will Win: Green Book What Should Win: The Favourite

It looks like Green Book is set to win this award. I really enjoyed the film and thought it was funny and well-written. But the writing for The Favourite is miles better in my opinion and a lot more unique and off-beat. I believe it deserves the screenplay oscar but acknowledge that it looks like Green Book will be winning.

Best Supporting Actor

Who Will Win: Mahershala Ali for Green Book Who Should Win: Mahershala Ali for Green Book

This category has some good candidates. Sam Elliot nailed the limited screen time he had in A Star Is Born and Adam Driver is wonderful in BlacKkKlansman. Richard E. Grant’s performance in Can You Ever Forgive Me? blew me away. But at the end of the day, Mahershala Ali should and will win this award. His performance in Green Book showed tons of range and he managed to nail these serious scenes and was funny whenever he had to be. He’ll be winning his second oscar this year.

Best Supporting Actress

Who Will Win: Regina King for If Beale Street Could Talk Who Should Win: Emma Stone/Rachel Weisz for The Favourite

I haven’t seen If Beale Street Could Talk so I can’t comment on whether Regina King deserves this oscar. In my opinion it should go to either one of Emma Stone or Rachel Weisz in The Favourite. Both those actresses had great chemistry and brought different characters to life in an effective manner. I hope one of them wins but it looks like that won’t be the case.

Best Actor

Who Will Win: Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody Who Should Win: Bradley Cooper for A Star Is Born

I know Christian Bale is one of the favourite but I think Rami Malek is going to edge him out for the oscar. My personal pick is Bradley Cooper. What Cooper did with the Jackson characters was heartbreaking and his performance had the greatest emotional impact out of any of the ones I saw this year. I would give him the Oscar but A Star Is Born has lost a lot of steam and I’d be very surprised if he ends up winning. I’m fine with Rami Malek winning though. He captured Freddie Mercury perfectly and if any actor should beat Cooper this year, it’s Malek.

Best Actress

Who Will Win: Glenn Close for The Wife Who Should Win: Olivia Coleman for The Favourite

Honestly, I didn’t think Glenn Close was all that great in The Wife and this is definitely one of those career oscars in my opinion. In fact, I thought every other performance in this category is more deserving of the oscar. Out of all the other options, Olivia Coleman is my pick. Her acting in The Favourite was near perfect and she definitely deserves the award over Close. Gaga and McCarthy were also surprisingly great and I’m happy they got nominated.

Best Director

Who Will Win: Alfonso Cuaron for Roma Who Should Win: Alfonso Cuaron for Roma

Cuaron is one of the great directors working today and this was one of his greatest achievements. Regardless of how you feel about the movie, Cuaron’s direction is undeniably great and it is pretty much guaranteed that he wins his second Oscar for best director this Sunday.

Best Picture

What Will Win: Green Book What Should Win: The Favourite

The oscar for Best Picture is going to go to either Green Book or Roma. I’ve heard that a few of academy members claimed Roma was “boring” and “hard to get through”. That’s why I believe Green Book is going to end up winning best picture even though I think Roma is the better made film. My personal pick for Best Picture is either The Favourite or A Star Is Born. Both these movies were the best of the year in my opinion. The Favourite was a unique film experience and A Star Is Born was the most emotionally impactful film of the year. I’m happy Black Panther and BlacKkKlansman got nominations but I doubt either of those films ends up winning best picture.

What do you think is going to win best picture? Do you agree with this list? Let me know by tweeting us @TheFilmConsole or sending us a message on Instagram @TheFilmConsole.

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