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Risk of Rain – Game Review

I wrote this review as quickly as possible, so I will eventually revisit this game later on (probably in early 2019). I wrote this review as quick as I could because it is currently on sale for around 80% putting its price at $1.99 making it a steal.

Risk of Rain is an Action platformer that has a very high skill ceiling. The game (as of the posting of this review) is on sale on steam for 80% off). I don’t have very much time on Risk of Rain, however, I think I’ve played enough to form an opinion of the game. (

The game is incredibly hard, I haven’t played this game too long, but getting to the second stage is incredibly difficult. The weapons are pretty good and when you learn how to use them effectively the game becomes much more enjoyable. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to play the game with friends, but I feel like it’ll make the game a lot more fun (rather than the hellish combination of Fury, Frustration, and Fun with a bit of Fear that it is in single player; I’ll update the review later on when I get the chance). Furthermore, I have a love-hate relationship with the mechanic of more time = more enemies; I hate it because it makes the game harder by just killing you with a swarm and overwhelming you but at the same time it brings the games charm and incentivizes moving fast and not farming for XP.

The Art style of the game is really pretty, I like it a lot. All the enemies are unique looking (even if I don’t know half of their names). I really like the color pallet and 8-bit look of the game, I think it suits it pretty well. However, the differences between some levels is very underwhelming mostly because they all look very samey. This really disappoints me as the art designer was capable of so much more (not to say they look bad, just not unique enough between levels). The games UI is not very good as it is a bit too small especially when in combat, the game would greatly benefit from having an option, or just simply being zoomed in a bit more (an inclusion of a slider of some sorts). The game’s soundtrack is really nice as it helps increase the tension in the game, I am considering purchasing the soundtrack because of how good it is.

The controls for the game are pretty well laid out (I use an Xbox one controller), however, when platforming the game feels really clunky and not fluid enough (which is problem some as the game advertises itself as an “Action platformer”). However, this while very annoying, still only slightly detracts from the overall enjoyment of the game.

The enemies are all very unique, each with their own gimmick to them. Some of them are more annoying than others (those generic grey/blue fellas), some or deadlier (them fire guys), some are not too harmful, but are really annoying (I’m looking at you jellyfish). The bosses (at least the ones that I experienced: Statue Man, Fire Snake and Explody Jellyfish as I like to call them) range in difficulty, Statue man was easy enough, Fire snake was really annoying, and how the heck do you even combat the damn Jellyfish, HOW!? Needless to say, the Explody Jellyfish will be haunting my dreams from now on.

For progression I kind of wish the main menu gave you a sneak peak of the other characters available and what they have to offer as it would have increased my excitement and enthusiasm to unlock said characters by seeing how cool they are.

Risk of Rain 2

In conclusion, Risk of Rain is a good at what it says it is (except platforming at times). Its high skill ceiling may drive away many people and is therefore not for the faint of heart. Overall, I think the game succeeds in what it tries to do but has minor issues in certain areas, I give Risk of Rain a 9/10 but can be a 7/10 at times. Despite the success of this game, I do not have very high hopes for Risk of Rain 2 (which is scheduled to release in Quarter 1 or 2019). I think this game is worth it’s $9.99 price tag and is a bargain at anything below $4.99.

Final Score: 9/10

Plays way too many games and should probably sleep more.


Aditya Rao


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