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Screencheat – Game Review

What is Screencheat: Screencheat is a multiplayer focused game which focuses completely around the gimic of cheating off your opponent’s screen. This review won’t be as long as the rest as this is a much smaller title with very little overall depth.

A synopsis of the Game: Players are able to play by themselves, however, it’s not much of a game to be perfectly honest, as the player will only really be observing the map. Therefore, the game can only really be played in 2 ways: Local Multiplayer split screen, and Online Multiplayer split screen. I would recommend the former as it’s a LOT more fun and can lead to some high-tension moments. The way the game works is that you, on your screen can only see your weapon and the map, not the other players, and therefore you have to ‘screen cheat’ to be able to get your enemies by locating them on their screen (this is why the split screen is essential, the game would be unplayable if it didn’t have split screen). Screencheat does this small task very well and I’ve had a lot of fun playing the game with friends.

Graphics and Movement: The game has extremely basic graphics with a basic color pallet, along with some detailed textures. This doesn’t really matter as it’s a pretty small game and it doesn’t need amazing graphics in order to achieve its goal. There is also a variety of maps available to play on, some of them quite tame, some of them extremely trippy and some which are just mazes. In total there are 10 unique maps all with their own wacky random themes. The last thing I want to tac on here about is the movement system, which can feel clunky and un-responsive making the game frustrating at times.

Screencheat has a decent variety of 10 weapons for the player to choose from, all of them are very unique compared to the other (Here is a guide to most of the weapons: the player to choose from. This is where one problem comes in; not all the weapons are very balanced, overall, I would only suggest 2 or 3 out of all the weapons available: The Revolver Rifle, the wall hacker and the Sorgean (at least in m experience). Some of the weapons (Such as the Hobby Horse and Blunderbuss) need This buffs for them to be useful, as all weapons in the game are one shot kills.

Online Multiplayer: If you want to play online from your home, you have 2 options: 1. LAN game with friends or 2. Look for an open server. The latter is almost impossible; there are barely any servers to play on and the ones that are there are either empty or there’s only 1 other player (which is still quite fun, but not as hectic and fun as playing with more people).

Conclusion:In conclusion, Screencheat is a couch gaming or school laptop game, most fun to play locally with your friends. The variety of maps and the gimicy nature of the game make it so enjoyable and make it feel like a breath of fresh air. However, the game is bogged down by a lack of overall balance of weapons (which doesn’t matter as much if you’re just playing for fun with your friends); some graphics that make it seem extremely dated and un appealing; and the movement system which can make the game really frustrating. Overall at $15, if your buying this solely to play online, this gets a disappointing score of 2/10, if you and your friends buy it to play online, 6.5/10, but I recommend that you and your friends buy 1 copy of the and play locally, thereby making it a much more enjoyable and interactive experience making the game an easy 8.5/10.


To play by yourself: 2/10

To play online with friends: 6/10

To play locally with friends on one PC: 8.5/10

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