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Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Movie Revisit Review

Venom comes out in theaters this month so today, I’ve decided to review the only other live-action Venom, Spider-Man 3. Before this movie came out, I was super hyped. I loved the first two Sam Raimi movies. I was super disappointed when this one absolutely sucked. If you’ve read the other revisit review, you know that after the non-spoiler thoughts I will be discussing key plot points in Spider-Man 3.

Non-Spoiler Thoughts

This movie is completely awful. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more disappointed with a movie. One of my least favourite parts is the fact that it feels super overcrowded. This movie tries to do a lot with all the Harry elements, the Sandman plot, Venom, Mary-Jane and Peter’s relationship and introducing other characters. In trying to do all of this, the movie ends up not executing any of them in a satisfying way. It is also filled with extremely cringey dialogue and moments. We have all heard of that emo Parker scene and wow, it sucks. Furthermore, some of the visual effects look terrible and the choreography for the action at points looks extremely clumsy. Some of it is decent but for the majority of it, I didn’t think it was any good. I’ll discuss more of what I hated when I get into the spoilers. Overall, this movie gets a F from me.


The Villain Problem

Firstly, one of my least favourite parts of the film were the villains. I loved Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin in the first movies so I was super disappointed when none of the villains in this movie were convincing. Sandman felt extremely forced to me. I don’t really see the point in coming back to Uncle Ben and changing the previous movies. It didn’t make sense and felt extremely forced. They also try to make the villain more human with his daughter at the start but then they barely come back to it.

Another villain they didn’t execute well was Harry Osborn. They set up a potential interesting conflict in the last movie but do a really bad job in this one. They have a fight scene early on and it is poorly choreographed and the visual effects look awful. They then do an unnecessary Mary Jane subplot that has some very cringey scenes like the one in the kitchen with Harry and Mary Jane. I genuinely can’t find a single thing I liked about this subplot. Even the performances weren’t as good as the first two movies. They then decide to make Harry a good guy at the end by having the butler provide information that he probably should have told Harry way before. All of this makes no sense.

And the worst of the villains was Venom. Topher Grace is absolutely terrible in the role. I thought his Eddie Brock was extremely cringey throughout. Also the scene at the church where he becomes Venom ws so stupid and looked genuinely awful. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, they reveal his suit in a scene with Sandman. Oh god that Venom suit looked genuinely dreadful. They also do this constant roaring thing and it sounds really weird. As a fan of the comics, I hated nearly everything they did with this character.

And all of this a reason why I have problems with the overcrowded story. Maybe, if the movie decided to focus on one villain we could have had a better story, more fleshed out arcs and a better villain.

Spidey Symbiote and Other Cringey Moments

Another part of the movie I didn’t really like was the Spidey Symbiote arc. It is a great concept but it sucked in the movie. It made Peter Parker extremely cringey. This arc also led to “emo Parker” and I don’t think anyone likes that scene at all. It also led to the cringey montage which had him walking through the street and then doing that stupid dance sequence. This also led to the arc with Gwen Stacey and that dance scene in the restaurant. Again, this was extremely cringey and came off as really dumb. In fact, that entire sequence might be my least favourite in the movie.

There are also multiple other cringey scenes before the symbiote suit. I’ve already discussed the kitchen scene between Harry and Mary Jane and how it has awful music, weird dances and probably could have been avoided.

Yet another weird scene was the one with the French waiter. I feel like Raimi thought he was being funny but wow it is extremely dumb. It ruined a potential average scene and made it super cringeworthy. And that word pretty much sums up 90% of the movie to me. It was cringeworthy. Look, I know that the first two movies have their fair share of cringe, but this movie has way too much. And when everything else isn’t any good, bad elements you may not have not noticed become more evident.

Visual Effects and Action

I’ve talked a lot about the poor villains, convoluted plots and cringey moments. Other aspects of the film that I didn’t like were the visual effects. The venom suit obviously looked awful. But, the worst part of the visual effects were Sandman. The transitions from sand to human looked dreadful and did not convince me one bit. They also make him a big giant in the final act and it looked quite weird to me.

In addition, the action sequences are mostly awful. Both sandman fight sucked and the first fight with Spidey and Harry was poorly executed in my opinion. And then there is the final act. It has its moments I guess. Some of the shots are decent like the one where Harry drops Spidey onto Venom. Unforutnately, for the most part the action is quite terrible in this final act. The scene where Venom and Spidey fight while falling down is so bad it’s funny.

The Few Positives

Even though I genuinely hate this movie, there are a few things I liked. The movie had a web slinging scene, which is something I missed in Spider-Man: Homecoming. J.K Simmons is also great as Jameson as always. The score and Spider-Man theme is also as good as it always is. Apart from this though, nothing about this movie really works.

Hopes for Venom

I liked the last trailer for Venom. The first two trailers sucked in my opinion. I am skeptical, Sony has messed up before but Tom Hardy is fantastic actor, the suit looks fantastic and the director made Zombieland, which is one of my favourite horror-comedy movies. Honestly, I don’t think it is possible for this to be worse than Spider-Man 3. I hope this is a good movie, but my expectations are low.

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