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Spider-Man Movie Ranking After Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home was released this week and is another great Spider-Man movie. Today, I’m going to rank all 9 (I’m including Venom) movies. Also note that this ranking is my opinion. You may have a completely different opinion and that’s okay!

9. Spider-Man 3

I know this movie has its fans but it just doesn’t work for me. It tried to do too many things and didn’t really properly execute any of them. Apart from Harry’s death scene, nothing impacted me the way the first two Raimi movies did.

8. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The only reason that I would put this above the last Raimi movie in my Spider-Man movie ranking is the chemistry between Andre Garfield and Emma Stone. That was stronger than anything in Spider-Man 3 and her death scene was actually powerful. The less said about everything else the better. I had no idea what Zimmer was thinking when it came to the score. They also completely wasted Jamie Foxx and what the hell did they do to Rhino?

7. Venom

You could argue that this movie is worse than the bottom two and I would completely understand. Venom has tons of flaws but there are moments where it’s so bad that it’s kind of entertaining. For my full review click here.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man

My biggest problem with this movie is that it’s pretty forgettable. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone have fantastic chemistry and that really carries the movie. James Horner’s score is a lot stronger than Hans Zimmer’s in the sequel. That’s why it’s higher than the sequel in my Spider-Man Movie Ranking.

5. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tom Holland is my favourite Spider-Man. I related a lot to this character and that’s why I really enjoyed this. The second post credits scene is one of my favourites in the MCU and most of the humour worked really well for me. Vulture is also one of the strongest villains in the MCU and in all Spider-Man movies. Michael Keaton may have been even better in this role than he was as Batman and that says something.

4. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home was an extremely enjoyable entry in the MCU. Tom Holland put in a great performance and his chemistry with Jake Gyllenhaal and Zendaya was fantastic. Speaking of Jake Gyllenhaal, Mysterio was such a great character and there were certain sequences with the character that were phenomenal. There were one or two scenes that really fell flat but for the most part this is one of the stronger Spider-Man movies. Also that first post credits scene is one of the best in the MCU. Make sure you stay for it.

3. Spider-Man

Sure this movie may feel a bit dated but it means so much to me and that’s why it’s so high on my Spider-Man movie ranking. Everything from Raimi’s direction, Elfman’s score and Dafoe’s performance was fantastic. Mary Jane didn’t really work for me but this is one of the best origin movies of all time.

2. Spider-Man 2

The best live action Spider-Man movie by a lot. Spider-Man 2 has great characterisation, the best villain in Alfred Molina’s Doc Oc and yet another fantastic score. There’s one thing in Raimi’s movie that didn’t work for me is Spider-Man losing his powers. It felt odd to me when I first saw the movie and a decade later it still hasn’t worked.

1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I remember walking out of this movie absolutely buzzing. Spider-Verse was a breath of fresh air in a world where a lot of comic book movies feel the same. The characters were fantastic, the animation style was unique and worked really well in 3-D and all the easter eggs and references were really fun to look out for. This isn’t just one of the best Spider-Man movies. It’s one of the best comic book movies of all time.

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