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Stan Lee 10 Best Cameos

On November 12th 2018, the news that Stan Lee had passed away broke. The news was hard to process. So many of the characters he has created have had an impact on my life and made me the person I am. Today, in honour of Stan Lee, I’m going to tell you my 10 favourite cameos. Please note that this list is my opinion and your list will probably be different. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

10. Iron Man

Stan Lee’s cameo in this is a brief one but is still extremely funny. He plays a Hugh Hefner-esque character and it is one his most memorable cameos. The movie was a great start to the MCU, and this is a great cameo to kick off the list.

9. Black Panther

Moreover, his cameo in Black Panther is one of the funniest moments in the movie. In addition, I loved Martin Freeman’s reaction to the dialogue. It was also the best place to put the cameo in the movie.

8. Big Hero 6 

Another one of my favourites is his cameo in Big Hero 6. Part of the reason why I love this cameo so much is the fact that I didn’t expect it at all. Before I saw the movie, I had no idea it was a Marvel property, so when Stan Lee popped up towards the end, I was pleasantly surprised.

7. Incredible Hulk

I may not be the biggest fan of the movie, but I do think that the cameo is absolutely hilarious. Seeing Stan Lee in this movie was one of the best parts and easily the best moment in this movie.

6. Age of Ultron

Look, Age of Ultron has its flaws as a film, but I will argue that up until the Hulk buster fight, this movie is awesome. And one of those great scenes is the party sequence. Stan Lee has a great cameo and interaction with Thor in here. We also see his famous “Excelsior!” catchphrase which I loved. I’m going to attach the entire scene below because it is that great.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man

Yet another movie that I don’t think is great. But, the Stan Lee cameo is great. The music, the way Stan Lee carries himself and the action in the background is great. I don’t like the Amazing Spider-man movies, but this scene is one of my favourites.

4. Teen Titans GO! to the Movies

This movie is filled with tons of cameos and easter eggs but my favourite was easily the Stan Lee cameo. I love how the scene is playing out like any other and then Stan Lee is dusting the floor behind them before running towards the camera. He also gets a second scene in this movie which is great. One of my favourite Stan Lee lines will always be “I don’t care if it’s a DC movie! I love cameos! Excelsior!”

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

One of the reasons this one is so high up is that I was always a strong believer of the theory that Stan Lee was a Watcher. James Gunn sort of makes that theory continuity in this movie and I loved it. One of my favourite scenes in any Guardians movie.

2. Deadpool

In my opinion, this is one of the funniest scenes in any comic book movie. Ever. Part of the reason for this is the genius idea of making Stan Lee a DJ. Furthermore, some of the dialogue he has is perfection. The whole concept of him also working in a strip club is perfect. Whoever came up with this, deserves an Oscar.

1. Spider-Man 3

If you’ve read my revisit review, you know I hate this movie. One of the things I absolutely love though is the Stan Lee cameo. I feel like his line “I guess one person can make a difference. Nuff said,” is easily the best line in that movie. It perfectly reflected the trilogy and what it had been about. At the same time, after Stan Lee’s death, it feels like it also talks about the impact Stan Lee has had on so many of us. This scene is a moment that has become even more powerful after the passing away of a comic book legend.

I just wanted to end by saying that Stan Lee has had a huge impact on the comic and movie industry. Moreover, he lived one hell of a life and that thought makes me happy. Rest in Peace, Stan Lee.

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