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A Magical Twist of Events! – The Dragon Prince Season 3

Although this review may be a little late (with the season’s release over a month ago on the 22nd of November) I’m still going ahead with it, because Season/Book 3 of Netflix and Wonderstorm Studios’ The Dragon Prince was an absolutely amazing joyride.

I binged both seasons of the show right before the release of Season 3, just for a catchup and honestly, it was worth it. Season 3 picks off right where we left Rayla, Callum, and Zym, facing off against Sol Regem, the former king of the Dragons, while they were passing into Xadia. I love the fact that there was no time skip, really allowing us to see the story in its entirety. Ezran has returned/is returning to Katolis to take the crown, and Lord High Mage Viren has been imprisoned in the dungeons for his crimes against humanity (amongst other things including plotting to kill the princes). The Season takes us through Ezran’s, sorry King Ezran’s, trials and tribulations as King, as well as exploring the romance between Callum and Rayla, the characters of siblings Soren and Claudia, and many other parts of the magical land of Xadia.

The story of Season 3 goes through some very extreme twists and turns, of epic proportions. From delving back into the past, into the history behind King Harrow and Lord Viren and understanding the dissolve between the humans the remainder of Xadia. It is a truly powerful emotional joyride that leaves us eager for Season 4 but with a satisfying sense of completion at the end of Season 3. A mix of relief and happiness with the overall situation and a certain sadness at the fallout of some certain characters leaves us seeing the world and the different characters of the show in a completely different light as we once did when the show began and even from the end of Season 2. This show does so much in so many different ways with so many characters which seem to have come out of nowhere, as they were not the paths that any would have believed would happen, but when you look back thinking about the changes that have happened you realize all the foundation that the show laid for the dynamic, which you never noticed until now. It comes around as a complete story arc, and that is beautiful.

As it was with the previous two seasons of this show and with what I mentioned in the previous paragraph, The Dragon Prince Season 3 adds a multitude of new layers to its existing characters, deepening their dynamics and their characterization immensely, while involving new characters and building on them, laying in relationships and connections with the older cast and having them blossom into their own powerful and incredible dynamic. Wonderstorm Studios are fantastic at their jobs of storytelling and character building. It is amazing.

That is pretty much all there is to review about the new Season of The Dragon Prince as the art, animation, and sound design all remain consistently amazing from the previous two seasons of the show. It is a definite must watch for fantasy fans and more specifically The Last Airbender fans.

Final Score: Magical! (9.3/10)

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