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Trailmakers – Game Review

Trailmakers is a game developed and published by FlashbulbGames ( Players can build planes, boats, and cars and then pilot their creations in third person as they traverse through the games’ vast map. The game features a singleplayer (which is quite lackluster) as well as multiplayer (which is incredibly fun).

The game is pretty fun when playing with friends as most games are. When playing with friends the game is a bit more competitive (who can build the coolest thing, etc.), however, when playing single player, the game gets very boring very fast (especially if you aren’t a die-hard fan of it). The gameplay consists of building and fine-tuning… that’s pretty much it building system isn’t very efficient. The controls are terrible, why couldn’t they have just used keyboard shortcuts that everybody knows!? (ie.Ctrl+C for copy, , etc.). This is a flaw that could easily be fixed if the devs included a key mapping menu. The block placement system terrible as the UI is very clunky and at times doesn’t do what you to do. Despite these major flaws, I’m willing to give the game a bit as it is still in development and because it is still incredibly fun . Building off of this (get the pun), half of the steam workshop load in because “there are too many parts” which is because trying out community creations is always fun, but I . Note to devs: (if you read this) add modding support ASAP so can start creating weapons and parts to enhance the building experience.

This game is riddled with bugs, hopefully, most of these will be fixed before the full release of the game. The game frequently crashes and lags heavily with big designs and creations. Additionally, whenever tow vehicles collide there is a huge frame drop (depending on the size of the vehicle). This is most likely because the physics engine (which is very well done) needs to be better optimized to avoid such issues (though it is understandable with giant creations). The game’s controls aren’t as responsive as I would like them to be and have a noticeable delay; however, this can be fixed with fine-tuning them from the settings menu (Note, there aren’t enough fine-tuning options to make them perfect).

Trailmakers has a great atmosphere and the map looks elegant and detailed. Furthermore, the game has decent graphics. Overall there is a great amount of detail, even on the interiors of the models. The color pallet of the game is good for the most part, except when it comes to vehicles which would benefit from giving the user the choice of changing its colors. Continuing with my issues with the look of this game, the character models could have been designed better (i.e. A bit more realistic than they are at the moment, not anything major) so that they blended in better with the overall look of the game. Also, the actual look of the vehicles and their blocks look too LEGO-y as in their connectors are all exposed. Overall, the game has a nice simplistic design, but I think that the game would benefit from user skins for the game or an option (streamlined vs. current).

In conclusion, Trailmakers is a really fun game despite it being plastered in bugs and issues. The graphics are well done and deserve recognition. At a price tag of $20, I expected the game to be much more polished. Despite this, I still think Trailmakers is a good game and definitely shows potential. Its issues are easily overshadowed by the amount of fun you can have when playing with friends. This game will be revisited when its full release comes. However, until that time this game gets a 5.5/10, at best a 6/10 from me (above average).

Final Score: 6/10

Plays way too many games and should probably sleep more.

Aditya Rao

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