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‘Undone’ is Another Fantastic Prime Original

Undone is an Amazon Prime original TV show that follows Alma (Rosa Salazar) after a car accident nearly ends her life. She begins to develop special abilities and starts talking to her dead father, who wants her to find out who killed him.

Undone has a rotoscope animation style. I haven’t seen much using this type of animation(Walking Life and A Scanner Darkly have been added to the list!) and was very impressed with the work here. Several shots look gorgeous and the animation allowed for a style of editing that is some of the best I’ve seen all year. The transitions were incredibly smooth and helped capture Alma’s mental state in a way I don’t believe a live action show could do half as effectively.

Speaking of Alma’s mental state, the show is a beautiful portrayal of mental health and how we as people cope with loss and try to escape our normal, at times boring, lives. Watching Alma go on this journey and try to bring her dad back was very powerful at several points. Although the path the story is taking becomes very clear early on, it’s definitely one of those shows that is more about the journey than the destination. Even after I figured out the ending I was hooked and interested in seeing how the plot would unfold.

And Rosa Salazar did a fantastic job taking us on this journey in Undone. I guess I liked her in Alita but I was not the biggest fan of that movie. Here she takes her acting chops to a whole new level, capturing an incredible amount of range. Whether she was breaking down or cracking jokes, Rosa Salazar completely disappeared into the character and I can’t wait to see what she does next. Most of the supporting cast shines as well. There are times where the actor who plays Sam didn’t really crush the delivery but for the most part his chemistry with Alma felt real.

Overall, Undone perfectly captures mental health and the presentation through the rotoscope style is unique and takes the show to a whole new level. Rosa Salazar is a star in the making.


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